Morrinsville Timeline

1852 to 2021

Prior to this Ngati Werewere lived in the area. Timeline yet to be compiled.


1852John Grant Johnson set up a trading post on the Piako river
1873Mr Brissenden purchased Kuranui block from Maori
1873Opening of the Jolly Cripple Hotel in Studholme Street
1874Kuranui  block transferred to Mr Thomas Morrin
1876Post Office opened in the Jolly Cripple Hotel
1877Piako County Council held first meeting in Jolly Cripple Hotel
1877The first school opened in Studholme Street
1878Post Office name changed from Waitoa to Morrinsville
1881First church service of the Presbyterian Church held in Morrinsville
1881Mail carried by Carter’s Coaches three times per week
1883Money Order and Savings Bank office opened
1884Railway station opened in Canada Street
1890Morse telegraph system introduced to the Post Office 
1894Telephone office opened at the railway station
1895Laying the foundation stone for the Anglican Church
1895The Anglican Church opened as the first church in Morrinsville
1897Telegram delivery system by messenger established


Methodist Church built on the corner of Thames and Canada Street
1908Town District of Morrinsville was officially gazetted
1908Bank of New Zealand established an agency in Thames Street
1908 Magistrate's Court held  the first sitting in Phoenix Hall
1909Methodist Church was enlarged
1909 Building and opening of new Post Office in Thames Street
1910Baptist Church was opened
1911Morrinsville Star first published
1911Courthouse built in Moorhouse Street
1912Empire Theatre in Studholme Street opened for silent films
1912Presbyterian Church built in Canada Street
1912Anglican Church Parish Hall built and opened
1913Morrinsville Croquet Club formed
1913Catholic Church built in Thames Street west
1915Meeting to form Horticultural Society was held  
1915Morrinsville Star newspaper was purchased by Cargill Publishing Company
1918Town Board purchased 59 acres from Mr Marshall for the Recreation Grounds
1918Meeting held to form A & P Society 
1918Baptist Church was used as a hospital during the Influenza Epidemic
1919National Bank opened in Studholme Street
1919Morrinsville Rugby became a sub-union of Hamilton 
1919First show of A & P Society held in Mannion’s paddock in Thames Street
1920Infants block built at the Morrinsville Primary school in Lincoln Street   
1920The Morrinsville Swimming Club formed
1921Morrinsville Borough was created 
1921Morrinsville Fire Brigade formed
1922Borough water supply was officially turned on 
1922First electric power in Morrinsville from the Thames Valley Electric Power Board
1922Morrinsville Dairy Company first manufactured butter
1922New larger Courthouse built
1922Old Courthouse was shifted and became the Police Station 
1923Orphans Club formed
1924Catholic Church moved to corner of Victoria Avenue and Thames Street 
1925National Bank opened at 221 Thames Street
1926New Zealand Cooperative Dairy Company built a factory near the railway station
1927Empire Theatre changed its name to the Strand Theatre
1927Golf Club purchased 49 acres from Charles Cameron
1928Catholic Church presbytery was built
1928Dental Clinic established at Morrinsville Primary School
1930 St Joseph's Convent school opened
1931St John's Ambulance Association formed
1931RSA meeting held to form the Association
1932Morrinsville Country Women's Institute was established
1932Plunket Rooms built in Thomas Park
1933George Burmester purchased his bakery
1934Constable Heeps was fatally shot
1934Opening of the Council Chambers Canada Street
1935Mr Osborne re-elected as Mayor of Morrinsville
1936Morrinsville Polo Club was formed
1936Fire station was built on the corner of Studholme and Anderson Streets
1937Physical Culture Hall was opened in Moorhouse Street
1938Arthur Jenkin opened shop in Thames Street
1938Mr W. Hetherington elected as Mayor of Morrinsville
1938Methodist Church purchased adjoining land
1939Veterinary Club was established
1940Methodist Church moved church to adjoining land
1944Morrinsville Battalion Home Guard was disbanded
1944Home Serviceman’s Association was formed
1945Morrinsville Rotary Club was formed with Arthur Needham as the first president
1946Jim Hishon established Creamy Clover business in Allen Street
1946RSA leased club rooms in Thames Street
1947Commercial Bank of Australia opened in Studholme Street
1947State Advances built 40 houses in Cureton St, Anzac Ave, Seville, Craig and Chapman Crescent
1948Dramatic Society was formed
1948Queen Carnival raised money for purchase of the Plunket Nurse's car
1948The Governor General and Lady Freyberg visited Morrinsville
1949Town and Country Club formed
1949Morrinsville Trotting Club was formed
Commercial Bank of Australia opened in Thames Street
1950Town and Country Club purchased house and land from Howie Estate 
1950Morrinsville College was established with Mr Fleet as headmaster
1950Morrinsville Primary school was established with Mr Telfer as headmaster
1951RSA purchased club rooms in Thames Street
1952Town and Country Club was granted a charter  
1952Burmester built a new bakery in Moorhouse Street 
1953Queen Carnival raised money for the War Memorial Hall 
1953The Rose Garden site in Moorhouse Street was purchased from the Salvation Army 
1954Waikato Hospital Board took possession of Lynton Hospital
1954Ownership of the Morrinsville Star passed to East Waikato Publishers   
1954Morrinsville Jaycees formed with Barney Hope Gibbons as president
1954Methodist Church opened new church
1954Opening of new rugby grounds in Campbell Park in Thames Street
1955Edmund Hillary visited to raise funds for an expedition to the South Pole
1955David Street Primary School opened
1956Building of new kindergarten opened
1956Commercial Bank of Australia moved to new building in Thames Street
1956New South Wales Bank opened in Thames Street
1957Library moved into the War Memorial Complex
1957Borough Council purchased land in Riverview Road for dump
1957War Memorial Hall officially opened by Major General LM Inglis
1958Presbyterian Church's Campbell Hall is opened
1958Kiwi Fertiliser Works officially opened
1959New building for the Anglican Church was opened
1959Morrinsville branch of the National Council of Women was formed
1959Morrinsville branch of the Lions International chartered
1960Waikato Savings Bank opened an agency
1960Waikato Savings Bank opened working bank
1961District Nursing Service established
1961Population 4111
1962New Post Office and Telephone Exchange on the corner of Thames and Lorne Street
1962St John's Ambulance Hall built in Anderson Street
1963Meeting to form Senior Citizens Association was held  
1963Morrinsville New World Supermarket opened in Thames Street
1963Opening of new swimming pool in the recreation grounds
1964Catholic Church built a new church building on corner of Thames Street and Victoria Ave
1964Governor General Sir Bernard Fergusson visited Morrinsville
1964Dutch Government Minister Mr Veldkamp visited Morrinsville 
1964Kereone School bus accident
1964After 56 years Gummers Ltd closed its shop in Thames Street 
1965New South Wales Bank closed its Morrinsville branch
1965A & P Society built new building at Recreation Grounds
1965Arts and Craft Group was formed
1965RSA opened new Clubrooms in Studholme Street
1966Morrinsville Co-op  Dairy Co opens the first fully–automated butter factory in world 
1966Morrinsville Motel opened
1966Morrinsville Lyceum Club opened with 200 members
1966Lucy Money awarded MBE for services to Solomon Islands
1967Strand Theatre demolished
1967Meeting was held to form the Morrinsville Historical Society 
1968Laurie Maber was elected mayor
1969Grain drying plant opened by Rae and Beverly Seales
1969Morrinsville and District Museum opened June 28th 
1970Intermediate school opened
1971Rhoda Read Geriatric Hospital opened in Morrinsville
1971Building of club rooms and curator's office at Morrinsville Swimming Pool
1972Dalgety's sale yards in Thames Street dismantled
1972Norm Ball purchased Martelli Motors and renamed it Greenline Motors
1972Leo Echlins 60 year old building on corner Thames and Studholme Street demolished
1972Morrinsville Tennis Club relocated to the Recreation Grounds
1974G.G. Burmester Bakery destroyed by fire
1974Kathleen M Potter appointed Matron of the Geriatric Hospital
1974Ken Fitness, chemist retired after 40 years in Morrinsville
1974Roy T Scott, chairman of Piako County Council retired and Ken Thomas elected
1975Morrinsville Co-operative  Dairy powder factory was destroyed by fire
1975Zoe C Wells, Matron of Morrinsville Maternity Hospital retired
1975Centrespot Arcade opened on the site of Hetherington's shop in Thames Street
1975Cliff Wisely, Principal of Morrinsville Primary School retired after 17 years 
1975Council built eight pensioner flats in Moorhouse Street
1976Wally Manning awarded Queen's Fire Service Medal
1976Flight Lieutenant Trevor Butler DFC received Queen's Commendation
1976Kereone Rugby Club opened new clubrooms
1976Morrinsville Playcentre opened new building in Lorne Street
1976Vince Ashworth appointed on permanent staff of World Bank
1976Sub-division of Oak and Elm Street
1976Morrinsville Co-operative Dairy Company opened new milk powder complex
1977First issue, Volume 1, Number 1 of Piako Post printed
1977Morrinsville Community Affairs & Information Office opened
1977Country and Western Club formed
1977Piako Community Arts Council formed
1977Air Training Corps formed
1977Extension of Anderson Street to Avenue Road opened
1977Rukumoana Marae renovations completed, Werewere meeting house refurbished
1977Plaque to honour Mr Harold Daines placed in the Civic Rose Gardens
1978Roach Road rubbish tip opened
1978Tom Lithgow elected President of Waikato Rugby union
1978Maungakawa archaeological treasures returned to Rukumoana Marae
1978Brightwell Furnishers closed after 30 years
1978Amy’s Morrinsville Cycle Works celebrated 50 years
1979Tatuanui Dairy Co introduced Angel Dairy Whip to the New Zealand market
1979Morrinsville Council donation the Rukumoana Marae for piping water
1979Librarian Jean Dickinson retired after 18 years service
1979John Willis appointed Principal of David Street School
1979Alan Scott awarded Associate Honour Distinction for Horticulture
1979Motumaoho Dairy Factory closed
1980New ANZ Bank opened-corner Thames and Canada Streets
1980Janice Arnold named Golfer of the Year
1980Tom Laurent Ltd opened new premises
1980Molly Hotene received the Queen's Service Medal
1980Old staff quarters and boiler room at Nottingham Castle demolished by fire
1980Snow fell in Morrinsville
1980Bill Johnston retired after 45 years as General Manager of Morrrinsville Co-op. Dairy Co
1981Dick Heathcote awarded M.B.E. for services to T.V.E.P.B.
1981Air Commodore Ian M Gillard, head of New Zealand Defence staff in Washington
1981Oxidation ponds, off Roach Road, commissioned by Morrinsville Borough Council
1981Bread cooling machine invented by Bill Pipe and John Gray
1981Croquet Club building destroyed by fire
1982Jack Swart selected for Commonwealth Games team
1982Gymnasium opened at Morrinsville Primary School
1982Refugee families from Cambodia and Czechoslovakia arrived
19823 Guys supermarket (Countdown) opened
1983Dave Gray awarded OBE for services to farming and education
1983Plunket Nurse Maureen Nicholson farewelled after 18 years
1983John Allen appointed Queen's Counsel
1983Morrinsville Sports Centre opened at Recreation Grounds
1983Tatuanui Tennis Club celebrates its 100 years anniversary
1983St John's honours Tom Brodie for 23 years service
1984Canada Street Railway Station demolished
1984Fire Chief Trevor Barlow retires after 33 years service
1984Dick Gwatkin appointed as principal of Morrinsville College
1985Jean Bodmin awarded the QSM for Public Service
1985Introduction of the STD equipment in the Morrinsville Telephone Exchange
1985Dave and June Close opened Dalemara Resthome
1986Indoor cricket stadium opened in Anderson Street west
1986Local Maori elders Waea and Sue Murray at opening of Te Maori exhibition in New York
1986Dr Lin Wallace awarded Honorary Science Doctorate from Massey University 
1986Jocelyn Fish elected President New Zealand Council of Women 
1987Lyceum Club rooms open in Moorhouse Street
1987Fitness Centre opened in Allen Street
1987Morrinsville and District Public Relations Assoc. Centre opened
1987Regent Theatre closed with the showing of the last film "Crocodile Dundee"
1988Ezekiel Trust Kindergarten officially opened
1988Independent  Newspapers Ltd assumes ownership of the Piako Post
1988J Shay Noonan new principal of Morrinsville Primary School
1989Railway houses in Eynon Road sold to an Auckland company
1989Ray and Andrew Lowe open the Vegie Bin in Thames Street
1989Glass milk bottles became obsolete
1990Maternity Hospital closed and maternity annexe opened at Rhoda Read Hospital
1990Rushton Road Kindergarten opened
1990Chemical spill into Piako River from Kiwi Fertiliser Works
1990Morrinsville Primary School train excursions to Tauranga
1991Town welcome signs erected by Lions, Pakeke Lions, Rotary and Kiwanis
1991First four homes at Tasman Retirement Village opened
1991New Zealand Railcar Service through Morrinsville commenced
1992Neil Gray managed the All Blacks
1992Community House opened
1992St Matthew's Court retirement units dedicated
1993Hostage siege in Police Station with Paul Hammond shot by Armed Offenders Squad
1993Old Regent Theatre which started life as a hall was demolished
1993Phillip Crawford and Mark Munro's photo book "Beyond Thames Street" launched
1994Morrinsville Recreational Sports Centre destroyed by fire
1994Ray Fitness awarded Order of St John's Priory Vote of Thanks 
1994Countdown Supermarket opened for business
1995Mushroom Factory sold to New Zealand Mushrooms Ltd
1995Morrinsville United Old Boys Rugby Club amalgamated with St Joseph’s 
1995Old Maternity Hospital demolished with three existing buildings converted into houses
1996Stefan Choppo does 50 years delivering newspapers and flyers
1996Annah S opened store in Morrinsville
1996Fluoridation of water supply ceases
1996Kaumatua Waea Murray at opening of the new High Commission in South Africa
1996Council bought Globe Auctioneer Building for $120 000
1997Westpac Trust Events Centre opened
1997Demolition of building of the former Globe Auction Mart  
1998Degussa Peroxide Ltd purchased Du Pont Hydrogen Peroxide factory
1998Merging of four pharmacies with new company owners Maureen Horan and Paul Vester
1998Warehouse opened in Morrinsville
1998Pakeke Lions transform gully near railway line
1998Ngati Haua presented Mayoral chain
1999Morrinsville Library moved into a remodelled War Memorial Hall


Stan Hill made the Member of the Order of Merit for services to basketball
2000Te Hauora o Ngati Haua launched in Morrinsville
2000Dr Alwyn D'Souza retired after 29 years of service
2000Post Office in Thames Street closed and replaced by Books and More store 
2000Roz Reekie-May selected for Sydney Olympics in cycling
2001Fire Chief Ray Hampton retired after 39 years service
2002Morrinsville streetscape completed
2002Pine trees in Waterworks Road Forestry block harvested
2002Peter Hanan awarded New Zealand Order of Merit for services to IHC and RSA
2002Philip Jenson won hammer throw-silver medal at Manchester Games
2002Tracey Manufacturing closed after 40 years
2003Morrinsville Primary School opened Jubilee Sports dome
2003Morrinsville Old Time Dancing folds after 40 years
2004Court battle won with 3 protected plane trees planted in Sterling Heights to stay
2004Morrinsville Hotel (Top Pub) transported to Waitetuna
2004Waitoa train track back in service after 14 years
2004New Police Station opened
2005Morrinsville Early Learning Centre opened in Moorhouse Street South
2005Dr Wayne Laing, Morrinsville dentist in Asia helping with Tsunami Relief
2005Anti Pylon Group New Era Energy in protest march
2005Morrinsville Heritage Trail opened
2006Prime Minster Helen Clark opened Wallace Corp finished leather tannery
2006Restored Maori Parliament Building at Rukumoana opened by the Maori Queen 
2006Professor Clifford Tasman Jones awarded C.N.Z.M for service to Public Health
2006Lex de Jong appointed as Family Court judge 
2006John Henderson won award for service to the Morrinsville A & P Show
2006Morrinsville first Country Market, Lions and Rotary
2007Regent Picture Theatre building demolished
2007Two houses for ‘Habitat for Humanity’ dedicated in Morrinsville
2007Peter Ryan named as a full-time coroner
2008Law firm Allen, Needham & Co celebrated 100 years
2008Industrial sections developed in Avenue Road North by the Norman family trust
2008Lorraine Thompson honoured for establishing the first Maori Language class
2008Morrinsville/Waikato rugby player Brendon Leonard selected for the All Blacks
2008Morrinsville marked 100 years of Morrinsville Police
2008Parklane Industrial Estate on Avenue Rd established
2008Morrinsville Floral Festival celebrated the Centennial at the event centre
2008100 years since the first meeting of the Town Board 
2008Matamata Piako District Council Civic Ceremony and Time Capsule burial
2010Tasman Village is home to nearly 75 people
2011Tatua Cooperative Dairy Company appoint a new CEO Paul Mc Gilivray
2011The ASB Bank opens a branch in Thames Street Morrinsville. Lance Bullen,  manager.
2011Pig racing at the Morrinsville A & P Show at the Recreation Grounds
2012New Zealand Mushroom closes its Composting Plant in Taukoro Rd
2012Morrinsville Museum moved to new building in Canada Street
2012Anna Hawkins performed in the TV Series 'Stars in their Eyes'
2012Donny Van run by Colin and Jenny Hindman for 12 years handed over to Morrinsville Lions 
2013Morrinsville Baptist Church 100 year Centenary Celebrations
2013Colin Gordge recognised for 40 years service as a JP
2013Presbyterian Church marks its Centenary Celebration
2013Morrinsville Community Board  disestablished by M.P.D Council
2014Mushroom Industries closes its factory in Avenue Road relocating to Christchurch
2014Laurie and Yvonne Maber celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary
2014Launch of centenary history book by Ian Hunter about Tatua Dairy Company 
2015Motumaoho School celebrates its Jubilee
2016Tatuanui Tennis Club celebrates 70 years of tennis
2017Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett has lunch with the Care and Craft group
2018Suffrage celebration of 125 years 
2018Morrinsville's Mega Cow unveiled in Thames Street outside Power Farming
2019A multi cultural celebration of Waitangi Day in Morrinsville hosted  by Ngati Haua 
2020Morrinsville College Performing Art Centre opened
2020Chief Fire Officer Brian Watters gives 49 years of service
2020Wallace Gallery 10 years old
2020Morrinsville Genealogy Society holds its 40th celebrations
2020Nicholson Autos have been in business for 40 years
2020Russell Fantham made a Life Member of Harness Waikato-Bay of Plenty 
2020Andy Smith in business for 75 years from 11 Oct 1945 to 11 Oct 2020
2020Rhys Compton awarded the Fulbright NZ Science and Innovation Award
2020Deb May and Joanna Chase awarded Life Membership of the Morrinsville Theatre
2020Greg Tordoff retires from Tordoff Auto Services after 60 years
2020Bob and Shirley Stevens celebrate their 65th Wedding Anniversary
2021Jan Barnes awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit in the New Years Honours 
2021Rotary Club celebrates 75 years 
2021Tatunui Tennis Club celebrates its 100 year anniversary
2021Rhoda Read Geriatric Hospital was opened on the 30 April in 1971, 50 years ago

Morrinsville Museum

41 Canada Street, Morrinsville (opposite the Public Library)
P. 07 889 4190

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Friday from 11.00am to 4.00pm
  • First Saturday of the month open for Morrinsville Market Day from 9.00am to 1.00pm
  • Sunday from 11.00am to 3.00pm.

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