Costumes in the Cottage

The 1873 McDonald Cottage features stories of events in the district over time.

Below are list of the past stories we have displayed in our Costumes in the Cottage feature

Latest Display - Headmaster of Morrinsville School

The headmaster of the Morrinsville School was on stage at the new Empire Hall in Studholme Street Morrinsville when for the first time the annual school concert was presented by the staff and pupils at the school.

Railways Display

Our railways display showed information about when the railway came from Auckland to Hamilton and then to Morrinsville in 1894. Included in this display were the costumed mannequins of people who lived in Morrinsville, and who would have used the train to go to Hamilton or Auckland.

Pink Telegram

The Pink Telegram was a small display of the story about a woman receiving a pink telegram when one of her loved ones had been killed during the First World War.

Influenza Epidemic

The Influenza Epidemic struck New Zealand in 1918 after the finish of the First World War. Over 9000 people in New Zealand died from this epidemic over a two month period. Our cottage display showed a house that had two women who were responding to the needs of the families where people had fallen ill with this deadly influenza.

Croquet Club

The opening of the Croquet Club in Morrinsville was an occasion that meant time to dress up and attend the garden party to celebrate. Our display in the cottage was a happier event with four mannequins dressed to go out for the day.

The First Agricultural and Pastoral Show

The opening of the first Agricultural and Pastoral Show in 1919 was an occasion for a mother and daughter to take a complimentary ticket and see this event in Morrinsville

Up and Coming Display

Every six months we have a new display in the cottage.
The next display will be ready for February 2022.   

Morrinsville Museum

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