Morrinsville Residents

1852 to 1912

  • These files were started on 30 September 1990 and updated since then as names and references became available. If you have any family members that you wish to add to the list please send us a message through our contact form.
  • Names are listed according to the earliest written record or family information obtained. Not all arrival dates are accurate – in one occasion there were 20 years between the first written record and the actual arrival to Morrinsville.
  • Departure date is either the date of death or the date recorded as leaving the district.
  • Names marked with (*) indicate that the museum holds further information or photographs of this person.
Radford Henry  
MorrinsvilleWaggoner  E.R. Nov. 1902  
Rae Alexander Hay  Kiwitahi  Labourer  
E.R. Nov. 1908  
Rae Mary  Kiwitahi  MarriedE.R. Nov. 1908  
Reay Ernest George  Morrinsville  Farmer  E.R. Nov. 1908  
Reay John  Morrinsville  Farmer  E.R. Nov. 1908  
Reay John Frederick  Morrinsville  Labourer  E.R. Nov. 1908  
Reay Mary Ann Matilda  Morrinsville  Married  E.R. Nov. 1908  
Reed Margaret  Morrinsville  Housekeeper  E.R. 1893  
Reed Thomas  Morrinsville  Baker  E.R. 1893  
Regan Thomas  Morrinsville  Blacksmith E.R. 1893  
Reynolds George Thomas  Annandale, Piako  Farm hand  Sup. E.R. Oct 1908 
Richardson Robert  Morrinsville  Painter  E.R. Nov. 1908  
Richmond Jane  Morrinsville P.O.  Married  Sup. E.R. Oct 1908 
Richmond Walter  Morrinsville  Farmer  Sup. E.R. Oct 1908 
Richmond William Frederick  Morrinsville  Farmer  Sup. E.R. Oct 1908 
Rickard Edward  Kiwitahi  Platelayer E.R. 1893 
Rigby John  Morrinsville  Farm Labourer E.R. 1893 
Ritchie Catherine  Morrinsville  Domestic Duties E.R. 1893 
Ritchie Dennis  Morrinsville  Labourer  E.R. 1893 
Ritchie George  Morrinsville  Surfaceman  Sup E.R. Oct. 1908  
 Roach John  Morrinsville  Labourer  E.R. Nov. 1902  
Roach Violetta  Morrinsville  Domestic Duties  E.R. Nov. 1902  
Roberts Grace  Morrinsville  Domestic Duties  E.R. 1899 
Roberts Isabel Mary  Morrinsville  Teacher  R. Nov. 1893  1898
Robinson William  Morrinsville  Post Office  Sup E.R. Oct. 1908  
Rockcliffe  Morrinsville  Farmer R. 1903  
Rodewald Joseph  Morrinsville  Groom E.R. Nov. 1908  
Rogers Annie  Morrinsville  Married E.R. Nov. 1908  
Rogers John  Morrinsville  Flaxmiller O 1911 
Rogers George William*  Walton Station Manager E.R. 1893 
Rowe Thomas Henry  Morrinsville  Labourer E.R. 1893 
Ryan Charles Phil  Morrinsville  Telegraphist E.R. Nov. 1902  
Ryan Timothy  Morrinsville  Carter E.R. Nov. 1908  
Ryan William  Motumaoho Railway Surfaceman E.R. Nov. 1908  

Morrinsville Museum

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