Morrinsville Residents

1852 to 1912

  • These files were started on 30 September 1990 and updated since then as names and references became available. If you have any family members that you wish to add to the list please send us a message through our contact form.
  • Names are listed according to the earliest written record or family information obtained. Not all arrival dates are accurate – in one occasion there were 20 years between the first written record and the actual arrival to Morrinsville.
  • Departure date is either the date of death or the date recorded as leaving the district.
  • Names marked with (*) indicate that the museum holds further information or photographs of this person.
Mac Kenzie Maxwell B
MorrinsvilleBuilder/ForemanS. 1906           P/095
Mac Kenzie SophiaMoorhouse Street, MorrinsvilleMarried
H. 1908
Macartney John HallidayC/- JCR WattsSignwriter/DecrH. 1908
McDonald Michael WilliamThames Street WestFamily 1910
McDonald Michael William jnrThames Street WestChildFamily 19101936
McDonald Mary JosephineThames Street WestHousewifeFamily 1910
MacCurdy B BMorrinsvilleStation MasterQ?
MacFarlane Maria TameMorrinsvilleMarriedH.1908
Main WilliamMorrinsvilleManager LockerbieR1891
Main Norah Mrs G.B.O.1911
Mains JohnMorrinsvilleShepherdER1893
Manning AnnieMorrinsvilleMarriedSupER Oct 1908
Manning GeorgeMorrinsvilleFarmerSupER Oct 1908
Manning George EmanuelMorrinsvilleFarmerSupER Oct 1908
Manning Happy LockerbieMorrinsvilleMarriedSupER Oct 1908
Manning WillieMorrinsvilleMarriedSupER Oct 1908
Mannion Bridget *MorrinsvilleDomestic DutiesER Nov 1899
Mannion EdwardMorrinsvilleLabourerER 1893
Mannion Timothy
MorrinsvilleLabourerER Nov 1899
Mannion William Edward *MorrinsvilleLabourerER 1893
Manuel Charles *MotumaohoFarmerS & R 1904
Marshall Charles ErnestMorrinsvilleGardenerER 1893
Marshall EstherMorrinsvilleMarriedSup ER Oct 1908
Marshall FrancisMorrinsvilleShepherdER 1893
Marshall JaneMorrinsvilleDomestic DutiesER 1893
Marshall L.C.MorrinsvilleTeacherR 1881June 1883
Marshall SpencerMorrinsvilleCarpenterER1893
Marshall ThomasMorrinsvilleLabourerER Nov 1899
Martin SelinaMorrinsvilleMarriedSup ER Oct 1908
Martin Valentine WaltherMorrinsvilleFarmerSup ER Oct 1908
Marychurch Emily MitchellWaitoaU/KER Nov 1899
Masek JosefMorrinsvilleLabourerSup ER Oct 1908
Masters MarieMorrinsvilleArgus 1905`
Mathews AlfredMorrinsvilleLabourerER 1893
May Charles WilliamAnnandale, PiakoFarm HandSup ER Oct 1908
Mc Arthur AllanAnnandale, PiakoCoachmanSup ER Oct 1908
Mc Cracken A.J.MorrinsvilleTeacherR 1898
Mc Farland Margaret EllenMorrinsvilleSpinsterSup ER Oct 1908
Mc Geahan NeilMorrinsvilleTailorSup ER Oct 1908
Mc Gee JohnMorrinsvilleLabourerER 1893
Mc Intrye HenryMotumaoho near MorrinsvilleSettlerSup ER Oct 1908
Mc Intrye Louisa JaneMotumaoho near MorrinsvilleMarriedSup ER Oct 1908
Mc Intrye Malcolm McDonaldMotumaoho near MorrinsvilleSettlerSup ER Oct 1908
Mc Intrye RoseMotumaoho near MorrinsvilleMarriedSup ER Oct 1908
Mc Kay Catherine AnnAnnandale, PiakoSpinsterSup ER Oct 1908
Mc Larnon CatherineAnnandale, PiakoDomestic DutiesER 1893
Mc Larnon ThomasAnnandale, PiakoFarm LabourerER 1893
McDonald Elizabeth ThompsonMorrinsvilleHousehold DutiesER 1893
McDonald JamesNear MorrinsvilleFarmerER 1893
McDonald ThomasNear MorrinsvilleFarmerCy N.Z. 1874
McGifford JohnO 1911
McGuire CharlesWaitoaLabourerER Nov 1899
McKeown PatrickMorrinsvilleRailway ClerkER Nov 1899
McKinlay JohnFrom St Leonards, OtagoO 1911
McLauchlanC/- Mr Layne, MorrinsvilleGroomSup ER Oct 1908
McLeod JamesMorrinsville ex TaranakiLabourerV 18963 Dec 1899
McNicol JamesWaitoaFarmerER Nov 1899
McSherry FrederickMorrinsvilleRailway InspectorER 1893
McSherry Jessie ElizabethMorrinsvilleDomestic DutiesER Nov 1899
Mears Eliza AnneWaltonSpinsterSup ER Oct 1908
Mears Thomas AbrahamWaltonFarmerSup ER Oct 1908
Mears William ChermsideWaltonFarmerSup ER Oct 1908
Medland Thomas JamesMorrinsvilleFlax DresserER Nov 1899
Melville Annie IsabelMorrinsvilleDomestic DutiesER 1902
Melville HenryMorrinsvilleGardenerER 1902
Middleton Lily H. ( Mrs E.)MorrinsvilleO 1911
MilneMorrinsvilleProprietor Royal HotelQ 19 Dec 1911
Minns MaryMorrinsvilleO 1911
Missen E.MorrinsvilleStore KeeperR 1878
Mitchell RobertRichmond DownsFarmerSup ER Oct 1908
Moore Charles FrederickMorrinsvilleFarmerSup ER Oct 1908
Moore FrancesMorrinsvilleMarriedSup ER Oct 1908
Moore JohnMorrinsvilleFarm HandER 1893
Morgan JosephMorrinsvilleLabourerER Nov 1899
Morris HarryAnnandaleLabourerER Nov 1899
Morris KateMorrinsvilleParlourmaidER Nov 1899
Morrissey JohnMorrinsvilleContractorER 1893
Morrissey SusanMorrinsvilleDomestic DutiesER 1893
Mowbray G.H.E.Jolly Cripple, MorrinsvilleHotel Proprietor1 April 1876
Murphy CorneliusKiwitahiPlatelayerER Nov 1899
Murphy MaryKiwitahiDomestic DutiesER Nov 1899
Murray Edward D.WaitoaFarmerER Nov 1899
Murray William ArchibaldAnnandaleFarmerT 21 Aug 18751885

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