Morrinsville Residents

1852 to 1912

  • These files were started on 30 September 1990 and updated since then as names and references became available. If you have any family members that you wish to add to the list please send us a message through our contact form.
  • Names are listed according to the earliest written record or family information obtained. Not all arrival dates are accurate – in one occasion there were 20 years between the first written record and the actual arrival to Morrinsville.
  • Departure date is either the date of death or the date recorded as leaving the district.
  • Names marked with (*) indicate that the museum holds further information or photographs of this person.
Gaddes John Henry *
MorrinsvilleLabourerV. 1899
Gallagher JamesMorrinsvilleLabourerSup E.R. 31 Oct.1908
Ganley AnnieMorrinsvilleDomestic DutiesE.R. Nov 1902
Ganley DennisMorrinsvilleTailorSup E.R. 31Oct.1908
Ganley JamesMorrinsvilleHotel KeeperE.R. Nov 1902
Ganley MaryMorrinsvilleSpinsterE.R. Nov 1899
Gant AliceMorrinsvilleDomestic DutiesE.R. Nov 1908
Gant Henry *MorrinsvilleFarm Hand/RailQ 188531 Dec.1919
Gayne Charles ThomasMorrinsvilleStationmasterE.R. Nov 1908
George Alexander BeithAnnandale, PiakoCookE.R. Nov 1908
George NelsonT.(Major)MorrinsvilleLandownerT. 21 Aug. 1875
Gifford AlgieMorrinsvilleChemistO. 1911
Gillies Samuel *MorrinsvillePlatelayerQ 188321-Nov-19
Given Anna Bella BlancheWaltonSpinsterE.R. Nov 1908
Given GeorgeWaltonFarmerE.R. Nov 1908
Given Isabella HarperWaltonDomestic DutiesE.R. Nov 1908
Given JamesWaltonFarmerE.R. Nov 1908
Given Mary KatherineWaltonPostmistressE.R. Nov 1908
Goodwin AlbertMorrinsvilleCounter HandS. 1912
Goodwin Reg.MorrinsvilleShop BoyS. 1912
Gordon AnnieMorrinsvilleDomestic DutiesE.R. 1893
Gould CharlesMorrinsvilleFarmerL.T.R. 1883 pp315
Gould JosephMorrinsvilleFarmerL.T.R. 1883 pp315
Glasham M.J.MorrinsvilleLandownerT. 21 Aug. 1875
Gleeson JamesMorrinsvilleLabourerE.R. Nov 1908?
Glencross Charles FrederickMorrinsvilleCarpenterSup E.R. 31Oct.1908
Goble Sarah ElizabethMorrinsvilleDomestic DutiesE.R. Nov 1808
Goble William HenryMorrinsvilleSurfacemanE.R. Nov 1908
Goodwin Sarah JaneO. 1911
GrantPiakoFarm LabourerE.R. Nov 1899
Grant AliceMorrinsvilleDomestic DutiesE.R. 1893
Grant HarryPiakoFarm LabourerE.R. 1893
Grant ThomasMorrinsvilleLabourerSup E.R. 31 Oct.1908
Green W.MorrinsvilleTeacherR. 1883
Grey AnnieMorrinsvilleDomestic DutiesE.R. 1893
Grey Edward H.MorrinsvilleFarmerE.R. 1893
Grigsby AnnieMorrinsvilleDomestic DutiesE.R. Nov 1902
Grigsby CharlesMorrinsvilleStockmanE.R. Nov 1908
Grigsby Eliza JaneKiwitahiMarriedE.R. Nov 1908
Grigsby GeorgeTauwhareFarmerE.R. Nov 1899
Grigsby JohnKiwitahiLabourerE.R. Nov 1908
Grigsby RoseMorrinsvilleDomestic DutiesE.R. Nov 1908
Grigsby WilliamMorrinsvilleFarm LabourerE.R. Nov 1902
Grigsby AnnieWaltonMarriedSup E.R. 31 Oct.1908
Grigsby CharlesWaltonShepherdSup E.R. 31Oct.1908
Grigsly JosephMorrinsvilleAgriculturistE.R. Nov 1899
Gubbins Arthur WinthorpKiwitahiFarmerT. 21 Aug. 1875
Gubbins Katherine FrancesKiwitahiDomestic DutiesE.R. Nov 1899
Guest JohmMorrinsvilleFarmerE.R. Nov 1899
Guest MaryMorrinsvilleDomestic DutiesE.R. Nov 1899
Gummer AlfredThames Street MorrinsvilleStore KeeperE.R. Nov 1908
Gummer Mrs*MorrinsvilleMarried
Gummer Charles MoginieStudholme Street, Morrinsville
Gummer Lina MayStudholme Street, MorrinsvilleMarriedSup E.R. 31Oct.1908
Gwilliam Tom *O. 1911.

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