Morrinsville Residents

1852 to 1912

  • These files were started on 30 September 1990 and updated since then as names and references became available. If you have any family members that you wish to add to the list please send us a message through our contact form.
  • Names are listed according to the earliest written record or family information obtained. Not all arrival dates are accurate – in one occasion there were 20 years between the first written record and the actual arrival to Morrinsville.
  • Departure date is either the date of death or the date recorded as leaving the district.
  • Names marked with (*) indicate that the museum holds further information or photographs of this person.
Cameron Alexander
CranstonShepherdE.R. 1893
Cameron CharlesMorrinsvilleFarmer
V. 1903
Cameron JohnMorrinsvillePorter NZRO. 1911
Cameron Mary AugusinaMorrinsvilleMarriedV 1903
Cameron Charles AlexanderRichmond Downs, WaltonFarm HandE.R. 16 April 1908
Campbell Catherine LilyKereone, MorrinsvilleSpinsterE.R. 17 Nov 1908
Campbell Donald Roderick Frank *MorrinsvilleTeacherE.R. 17 Nov 1908
Campbell IdaMorrinsvilleDomesticE.R. 17 Nov 1908
Campbell KennethMorrinsvilleGentlemanE.R. 17 Nov 1908
Care Willaim GeorgeMorrinsvilleCarpenterE.R. 17 Nov 1908
Carroll JohnMorrinsvilleQ. 19 Dec.1911
Cartman Frederick AugustusMorrinsvilleLabourerSup E.R 16 April 1908
Cartman MargaretMorrinsvilleMarriedE.R.16 April 1908
CashmoreO. 1911
Cartman Stanley BettsMorrinsvilleLabourerE.R.16 April 1908
Chapman EllenMorrinsvilleMarriedE.R. 17 Nov 1908
Chapman JohnMorrinsvilllePlatelayerE.R. 17 Nov 1908
Chapman Joseph WilliamMotumaoho, MorrinsvilleFarmerE.R.16 April 1908
Chase Charles BurtonMorrinsvilleP.O SurfacemanE.R.16 April 1908
Chase SarahMorrinsvilleMarriedE.R.16 April 1908
Cleary WilliamO. 1911
Cheeseman Harold ErnestMorrinsvilleCadetE.R. 17 Nov 1908
Chepmell Mary ElizabethKiwitahiDomestic DutiesE.R. 1893
Chepmell William Philip *KiwitahiFarmerDJPC PP25  1871
Chubb ElizabethMorrinsvilleMarriedSup E.R.16 April 1908
Chubb JamesMorrinsvilleClerkSup E.R.16 April 1908
Claridge Jas. H.MorrinsvillePrinterO. 1911
Clarke JamesO. 1911
Clifford Henry John*MorrinsvilleStorekeeperDJPC PP34 1883
Clifford John MilesMorrinsvilleStorekeeperDJPC PP34  1888
Clifford MaryMorrinsvilleDomestic DutiesE.R. 1893
Clifford Mary ClementineMorrinsvilleDomestic DutiesE.R. 1893
Cochrane Josephpart of Te Mutu BlockSettlerDJPC pp28 1872?
Cole FrederickMorrinsvilleFarmer/ManagerE.R. 1896
Coleman BernardMorrinsvilleFarmerE.R. Nov 1902
Coleman Eileen Gladys IdaMorrinsvilleSpinsterE.R. 17 Nov 1908
Coleman Elizabeth Emily SydneyMorrinsvilleDomestic DutiesE.R. Nov 1902
Coleman Elizabeth Emily SydneyMorrinsvilleWidow/SeamstressE.R. 17 Nov 1908
Cooke JuliaMorrinsvilleDomestic DutiesE.R. Nov 1899
Cooney MichaelWaltonPlatelayerE.R. 17 Nov 1908
Coop HaroldPiako RoadFarmerE.R. 1893
Coop WalterPiako RoadFarmerE.R. 1893
Corbett LawrenceMorrinsvilleFarmerSup E.R.16 April 1908
Corocran BridgetMorrinsvilleLady HelpE.R. 1893
Cornish Ada Pearl ElizabethCanada Street, MorrinsvilleMarriedSup E.R.16 April 1908
Cornish Mabel MayMorrinsvilleSpinsterSup E.R.16 April 1908
Cornish RichardMorrinsvilleCarterSup E.R.16 April 1908
Cornish Samuel Herbert GriffithCanada Street, MorrinsvilleMarriedSup E.R.16 April1908
Corrigan William JohnMorrinsvilleFarmerSup E.R.16 April1908
Coutts Henry DonaldMorrinsvilleDistrict ValuerE.R. 17 Nov 1908
Coutts Margaret GordonMorrinsvilleMarriedSup E.R.16 April 1908
Craig Alexander WilliamNottingham Castle, HotelRailway ClerkSup E.R.16 April
Cranston William Henryc/- R.Dodd, MorrinsvilleFarmerSup E.R.16 April 1908
Crawford A.Store, MorrinsvilleStorekeeperR. 1878
Crickett Ada MaryWalton, PiakoP.Teacher/SpinsterSup E.R.16 April 1908
Crilly W.Kereone, MorrinsvilleCookSup E.R.16 April 1908
Cross AliceMorrinsvilleMarriedSup E.R.16 April 1908
Cross Arthur Thomas*MorrinsvilleCarpenterS 1906
Cullens EmilyMorrinsvilleSchool TeacherE.R. Nov 1902
Curle AlbertMorrinsvilleFarmerE.R. 17 Nov 1908
Curle FannyMorrinsvilleMarriedE.R. 17 Nov 1908
Cutforth AlbertMorrinsvilleStorekeeperFamily  -1912
CutforthMorrinsvilleMarriedFamily - 1912

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