Old Morrinsville Cemetery

‚ÄčAll headstones and graves with surrounds remaining in the cemetery have been photographed by our photographer

There may be addition after we have taken these images,  if you are aware of this let us know and we will add them to the collection. 

Images are available from Morrinsville Museum, 41 Canada Street  Morrinsville. 

Please Note: Not all grave have a headstone and do not have photographs available. The names with an asterisk after the name have photgraphs of a headstone available

SurnameForenameDeath Date
WAGHORNLeo Athol14 Feb 1912
WALKERGeorge Harrington22 Feb 1920
WALKER*George Harrington22 Feb 1920
WALLETIvie16 Mar 1911
WALLIS*Gertrude Amber03 Sep 1908
WALLIS*James Ian29 Mar 1922
WALTONErnest31 May 1931
WARD*Agnes Georgina17 Sep 1934
WARD*Constantine22 May 1943
WATTS*Zella Mary16 Jan 1911
WEARNELes John11 Mar 1926
WEBB*Alfred24 Oct 1928
WERE*George01 Dec 1934
WEST*Andrew18 Jul 1929
WEST*Ann12 Dec 1891
WEST*JuliaFeb 1967
WHEATLEY*John31 Dec 1912
WHEELER*Agnes Jane01 Jul 1928
WHEELER*Arthur William16 Dec 1923
WHITECHURCH*Edward Robert19 Jan 1934
WHITECHURCH*Lucy Jane11 Sep 1949
WIGGNorman Basil07 Mar 1931
WILKINSON*Henry10 May 1930
WILLIAMSWilliam John01 Nov 1911
WILSONIan David12 Jun 1924
WILSONRobert James25 Feb 1931
WILSON*Agnes11 May 1981
WILSON*Robert Henry19 Oct 1918
WOLFENDENWalter28 Feb 1921
WOOD*Charles Henry06 Dec 1918
WORSLEY*Edith Annie27 Feb 1922
WRATTHelen20 Aug 1933
WRIGHTEsther09 Feb 1942
WRIGHTGladys12 Apr 1920
WRIGHTGwendoline Mavis06 Jun 1930
WRIGHT*George01 May 1924
WRIGHT*Norman14 Oct 1922
WYBOURNE*Sydney Margaret15 Nov 1929
WYLIE*Emily Janet14 May 1976
Thomas Harrison04 Mar 1931

Morrinsville Museum

41 Canada Street, Morrinsville (opposite the Public Library)
P. 07 889 4190
E. info@morrinsvillemuseum.org.nz

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Friday from 11.00am to 4.00pm
  • First Saturday of the month open for Morrinsville Market Day from 9.00am to 1.00pm
  • Sunday from 11.00am to 3.00pm.

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