Old Morrinsville Cemetery

‚ÄčAll headstones and graves with surrounds remaining in the cemetery have been photographed by our photographer

There may be addition after we have taken these images,  if you are aware of this let us know and we will add them to the collection. 

Images are available from Morrinsville Museum, 41 Canada Street  Morrinsville. 

Please Note: Not all grave have a headstone and do not have photographs available. The names with an asterisk after the name have photgraphs of a headstone available

SurnameForenameDeath Date
SARICHAlex William Peter04 May 1932
SAXON*Henrietta Laura06 Jan 1922
SAXTONMary24 Apr 1922
SAXTON*Lilian Mary01 Oct 1928
SCHOFIELD*Fanny Ellaway (Birdie)28 Jan 1903
SCOTTKeith Vincent15 Dec 1932
SCOTT*Christine08 Feb 1928
SCOTT*Gordon Francis11 Feb 1924
SCOTT*Walter Ellis29 Sep 1948
SEALESAgnes Mary13 Aug 1949
SEALESGeorge Mark1929
SEALES*Agnes Ness14 Mar 1938
SEALES*Bertha Emily24 Sep 1954
SEALES*Ellen Diment03 Jul 1938
SEALES*George Mark21 Dec 1910
SEALES*George Mark05 Jan 1929
SEALES*James Charles08 Apr 1945
SEALES*Mark01 Feb 1911
SEALES*Mary01 May 1928
SEALES*Reuben James22 Jun 1925
SELLARSDonald12 Nov 1921
SELWYN*Ernest Howard11 Jan 1916
SEPIE*Irene23 Apr 1920
SEVILLE*Caroline Eva (Ada)07 May 1955
SEVILLE*George Edward30 Sep 1933
SILVESTERAlice Edith01 Jul 1920
SILVESTERRose Linley17 Feb 1925
SKINNER*Alfred James03 Sep 1957
SKINNER*Elizabeth12 Jan 1935
SKINNER*William James Perriman23 Sep 1923
SMITHCharlotte Ellen10 Oct 1939
SMITHThomas William31 Dec 1931
SMITHWalter Benjamine Charles06 Jul 1934
SMITH*Alfred Spencer30 Jul 1939
SMITH*Annie Elizabeth21 Jul 1923
SMITH*Elizabeth Ann30 May 1936
SMITH*Joan Margaret Annesley06 Jun 1926
SMITH*Minnie Alice04 Jul 1932
SMITH*Rebecca21 Aug 1934
SMITH*Richard James12 Nov 1930
SNELL*Edward Diment30 Jun 1916
SNELL*Hazel Annie26 Sep 1911
SNELL*Samuel09 Dec 1916
SPALDINGMyrtle Emily1914
SPINLEY*Douglas09 May 1941
SPINLEY*Joseph19 Nov 1923
SPINLEY*Lloyd27 Nov 1941
SPINLEY*Sarah Jane09 Apr 1942
SPROTT*Eileen03 Dec 1916
SPROTT*Eleanor27 Apr 1916
SPROTT*William McClough30 May 1916
SPROTT*Winifred Mary02 Aug 1912
SQUIRE*Alice Maud22 Mar 1943
SQUIRE*William Simpson11 May 1926
STACKWilliam Alfred24 Apr 1929
STANLEY*Agnes Essie16 Jul 1920
STANYER*Alice19 Nov 1927
STEWART*Amelia09 Oct 1931
STOCKBRIDGE*Lucy Deborah Blakeman08 Dec 1941
STOCKBRIDGE*William28 Feb 1927
STONEErick Gordon03 Jul 1919
STRANDEdgar Robert30 Jan 1937
STRANDIsabella Cairns19 000 1931
STREVENS*Margaret Gwendolin22 Apr 1950
STREVENS*Walter John20 Jul 1932
STRINGFIELD*Patricia Audrey24 Oct 1931
SWAN*Phoebe04 Jun 1933

Morrinsville Museum

41 Canada Street, Morrinsville (opposite the Public Library)
P. 07 889 4190
E. info@morrinsvillemuseum.org.nz

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Friday from 11.00am to 4.00pm
  • First Saturday of the month open for Morrinsville Market Day from 9.00am to 1.00pm
  • Sunday from 11.00am to 3.00pm.

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