Old Morrinsville Cemetery

‚ÄčAll headstones and graves with surrounds remaining in the cemetery have been photographed by our photographer

There may be addition after we have taken these images,  if you are aware of this let us know and we will add them to the collection. 

Images are available from Morrinsville Museum, 41 Canada Street  Morrinsville. 

Please Note: Not all grave have a headstone and do not have photographs available. The names with an asterisk after the name have photgraphs of a headstone available

SurnameForenameDeath Date
MAC GREGOR*John10 Apr 1938
MAC KENZIE*Maxwell Bruce05 Feb 1931
MAC KENZIE*Sophia18 Dec 1923
MAINMoyna Maud15 Aug 1926
MANDERTrevor Frederick09 Aug 1919
MANNINGGeorge09 Jun 1928
MANNINGStanley Lockenver19 Aug 1909
MANNING*Doris20 Jun 1933
MANNING*Happy21 Aug 1920
MANNIONBridget Agnes08 Feb 1920
MANNIONJohn MichaelOct 1893
MANNION*Bridget30 Jan 1944
MANNION*James Fergal07 Feb 1923
MANNION*Nora Ellen19 May 1943
MANNION*Timothy Edward16 Mar 1927
MANNION*William29 Jun 1924
MANUEL*Charles14 Mar 1914
MANUEL*Ellen02 Oct 1940
MARTIN*John Higgins02 Nov 1918
MARTYN*Linda15 Jan 1916
MARTYN*Margaret Agnes04 Nov 1967
MAXWELL*Alexander13 Nov 1919
MAZENGARBAlice Elizabeth16 Mar 1917
MAZENGARB*Alice Elizabeth16 Mar 1917
MAZENGARB*Arthur31 Aug 1952
MAZENGARB*Maywick22 Mar 1926
MC ALPINE*Lucy Mary27 Dec 1925
MC CARDLE*Eunice28 Jul 1922
MC COY*Edith08 Feb 1929
MC CRACKENBetty03 Feb 1921
MC DONALD*Elizabeth Thompson10 Oct 1928
MC DONALD*Elizabeth Isabella03 Jul 1940
MC DONALD*Francis Joseph19 Sep 1921
MC DONALD*Thomas14 Jan 1911
MC GRATHJohn08 Feb 1928
MC GREGOR*Jessie04 May 1934
MC GREGOR*Thomas John13 Aug 1942
MC INTOSH*Anne Louisa (Annie)(Nan)14 Nov 1934
MC INTOSH*Henry James (Harry)08 Jan 1940
MC INTYREAngus21 Feb 1932
MC INTYREDulcie15 Apr 1949
MC INTYRERoy Douglas25 Aug 1920
MC INTYRESelwyn12 Aug 1928
MC KINNON09 Jul 1918
MC LACHLANPansey Eveline25 May 1930
MC LACHLAN*David Elwin05 Aug 1920
MC LEODDonald Campbell1930
MC LEOD*Christina19 Sep 1952
MC LEOD*Donald Campbell26 May 1951
MC PHERSON*Robert15 May 1927
MC QUEENHilton John19 Aug 1925
MC SHERRYErnest OrtonMay 1896
MERRIKIN*Sydney Herbert02 Nov 1928
MILLERSelwyn James29 Apr 1913
MILNEJohn Humphrey Webster13 Jul 1910
MILNE*John Humphrey Webster13 Jul 1910
MITCHELL*Mancell Adrian20 Jan 1927
MITCHELL*Nellie17 Nov 1925
MOFFATWilliam10 Jun 1932
MONEYRuth Selina31 May 1924
MORGANGrovener20 Oct 1920
MORRICE*Jessie12 Jun 1947
MORRICE*William09 May 1953
MORRISKeith Humphrey25 Mar 1920
MORRIS*Mary Jane19 Nov 1923
MORRIS*William James26 Jun 1928
MORRISON*Alexander24 Aug 1929
MORRISON*Catherine23 Aug 1948
MORTENSENDoris Kate01 Oct 1989
MOULEAugusta31 May 1914
MUELLER*Alfreda Jeanette15 Jan 1961
MUELLER*Arthur James24 Jun 1933
MUNDELL*James Andrew08 Dec 1948
MUNDELL*Mary Eliza (May)26 Sep 1929
MUNNThomas George05 Oct 1920
MURPHY*William19 Jul 1925

Morrinsville Museum

41 Canada Street, Morrinsville (opposite the Public Library)
P. 07 889 4190
E. info@morrinsvillemuseum.org.nz

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Friday from 11.00am to 4.00pm
  • First Saturday of the month open for Morrinsville Market Day from 9.00am to 1.00pm
  • Sunday from 11.00am to 3.00pm.

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