Old Morrinsville Cemetery

‚ÄčAll headstones and graves with surrounds remaining in the cemetery have been photographed by our photographer

There may be addition after we have taken these images,  if you are aware of this let us know and we will add them to the collection. 

Images are available from Morrinsville Museum, 41 Canada Street  Morrinsville. 

Please Note: Not all grave have a headstone and do not have photographs available. The names with an asterisk after the name have photgraphs of a headstone available

SurnameForenameDeath Date
HAMPTON*Thomas10 Jun 1902
HANSENValentine Edward12 Feb 1933
HANSON*Amy05 Jun 1923
HARDINGJessie10 Dec 1929
HARKNESS*Jean Roxborough31 Mar 1931
HARKNESS*William29 Jun 1953
HARRISLeslie Stephen16 Aug 1923
HARVEY*Hector Wyatt24 Apr 1929
HARVEY*Marie Xenie Ellen19 Apr 1929
HARVEY*Susan Elizabeth25 Apr 1927
HARVEY*Thomas12 Oct 1934
HARVEY*Thomas Henry26 Jun 1928
HASTINGSGarry28 Jul 1925
HATELY*Amelia Mary11 Aug 1922
HAYDEN*Mary17 Jan 1934
HAYNES*Doreen Margaret22 Jun 1933
HEASLIPElsie Rita14 Aug 1910
HEASLIP*George James (William George)1918
HEATLEY*Earnest05 Aug 1932
HEEPS*Janet17 Nov 1969
HEEPS*Thomas21 Oct 1934
HENDERSONGrace08 Nov 1925
HENDERSONRaymond22 Jun 1928
HENRICKSON*Valerie Helen05 Jan 1934
HERBERT*Emily Anne20 Jan 1931
HERBERT*William Henry25 Aug 1930
HERRINGLloyd George Walter28 Feb 1916
HEWITT*James21 Sep 1931
HEWITT*WilfredJan 1909
HICKEYAlice Bernice Semiseal1960 04 Jul
HICKEYDaniel03 Aug 1954
HILLLaurence06 Jul 1924
HILLSRita12 Jul 1911
HOGAN*Eliza19 Jan 1902
HOGGEmily19 Jul 1948
HOGG*Emily19 Jul 1948
HOGG*William16 Jul 1958
HOGWOOD*Ethel Florence Mary25 Aug 1971
HOLDER*Henry Richard04 Oct 1910
HOLLARD*Ella Dora19 Aug 1916
HOLLINGSWORTHElizabeth27 Nov 1918
HOLLOWAY*Enos10 Aug 1938
HOLLOWAY*Mary25 Jun 1935
HOPKINSSidney27 Aug 1923
HORRELL*Elizabeth18 Jan 1913
HORRELL*John19 Jul 1897
HOTSON*Robert Henry26 Jan 1908
HOWARTHFrederick Roy06 Nov 1924
HOWIE*Doris Jane (Doris Jean)19 Aug 1934
HOWIE*Douglas25 Apr 1915
HOWIE*Emily Martha Gill09 Jun 1948
HOWIE*George29 May 1935
HOWIE*Helen Catherine01 Oct 1950
HOWIE*Noel Wallace19 Aug 1929
HOWIE*William01 Jul 1924
HUGHES*Mary Amelia24 May 1928
HUMPHREYS*Barry Roland21 Jul 1922
HUMPHREYS*Horace Roland05 Feb 1928
HUNTER*Florence Jane08 Nov 1957
HUNTER*Leo Luke Sartees06 Feb 1934

Morrinsville Museum

41 Canada Street, Morrinsville (opposite the Public Library)
P. 07 889 4190
E. info@morrinsvillemuseum.org.nz

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Friday from 11.00am to 4.00pm
  • First Saturday of the month open for Morrinsville Market Day from 9.00am to 1.00pm
  • Sunday from 11.00am to 3.00pm.

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