Old Morrinsville Cemetery

‚ÄčAll headstones and graves with surrounds remaining in the cemetery have been photographed by our photographer

There may be addition after we have taken these images,  if you are aware of this let us know and we will add them to the collection. 

Images are available from Morrinsville Museum, 41 Canada Street  Morrinsville. 

Please Note: Not all grave have a headstone and do not have photographs available. The names with an asterisk after the name have photgraphs of a headstone available

SurnameForenameDeath Date
CALDWELLOswald18 Oct 1928
CAMERON*Annie28 Aug 1925
CAMERON*Charles26 Sep 1913
CAMERON*James08 Aug 1924
CAMERON*Jean16 Nov 1914
CAMPBELL*Don Roderick Frank01 Jan 1961
CAMPBELL*Donald Roderick Frank21 Jun 1943
CAMPBELL*Duncan04 Dec 1925
CAMPBELL*Ida16 Nov 1917
CARROLLJohn07 Oct 1921
CARROLLMary15 Jan 1923
CASSIDY*Betty Rita29 Mar 1922
CASSIDY*Mabel17 Jul 1930
CASTE*Marie Denise20 Nov 1939
CHAPMANJ B25 Jul 1919
CHINNERYMervyn John18 Jun 1933
CHINNERYOlive Maisey17 Jun 1933
CHIRNEY*John Elliott13 Oct 1930
CHUBB*Elizabeth05 Dec 1910
CLARKBertha Jessie14 Aug1910
CLARKHilda Jessie1910
CLARKPatrick James09 Oct 1921
CLARK*Henry William Bainbridge17 Jul 1929
CLIFFORDAda Matilda04 Jun 1903
CLIFFORDNorman Davis25 Mar 1968
CLIFFORD*Cecil Henry27 Jun 1898
CLIFFORD*Charles Montague25 Sep 1902
CLIFFORD*Freda May22 Apr 1906
CLIFFORD*Freda May22 Apr 1906
CLIFFORD*Harold Roy22 Dec 1898
CLIFFORD*Henry John10 Mar 1942
CLIFFORD*John Miles22 May 1917
CLIFFORD*Mary19 Mar 1934
CLIFFORD*Mary Clementina23 Jul 1943
COGHILL*David02 Nov 1933
COGHILL*David Neville Rupert04 Apr 1946
COGHILL*Mary Maude02 Jul 1953
COLE*Joseph30 Oct 1911
COLEMAN*Amy Elfrieda27 Apr 1902
COLEMAN*Bernard21 Feb 1906
COLEMAN*Elizabeth05 Feb 1916
COLLINS*Edith May01 Jan 1929
COLLINS*Sarah Rebecca24 Jul 1931
COLLINS*William Joseph24 Aug 1936
COLSONThomas Alexander04 May 1965
COLSON*Harriet Ada28 Dec 1962
COLSON*Olive Alice03 Dec 1933
COLSON*Thomas Alexander04 May 1965
COOPER*Sidney Durah13 Jun 1923
CORCORAN*Rosa Annie03 Sep 1920
CORLETT*John James22 Mar 1913
CORNISHAda Pearle Elizabeth1908
COTTINGHAM*Maggie15 Jul 1950
COTTINGHAM*Thomas06 Mar 1934
COTTINGHAMMaggie15 Jul 1950
COWANLesley Vivian30 Aug 1993
COXHerbert Basil10 Sep 1922
CRICKETT*Rex02 Nov 1927
CROCOMBE*Ethel Jean05 Feb 1931
CROWE*George Henry18 Nov 1928
CURLE*George Alexander19 Aug 1913

Morrinsville Museum

41 Canada Street, Morrinsville (opposite the Public Library)
P. 07 889 4190
E. info@morrinsvillemuseum.org.nz

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Friday from 11.00am to 4.00pm
  • First Saturday of the month open for Morrinsville Market Day from 9.00am to 1.00pm
  • Sunday from 11.00am to 3.00pm.

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