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  1. Greetings I am trying to find out the christian name of Mr R. Scott who was Chairman of the Piako County Council circa 1969. This is to assist an aviation historian friend of mine who is helping compile an account of the first 50 years of the Matamata Soaring Centre based at Waharoa Aerodrome.
    I would be very grateful if you are able to assist.

    Many thanks and very best wishes
    Bruce Gavin

  2. His Name was Robert

  3. Bruce
    His name was Roy Scott

  4. Hi,

    Which family had the first automobile in Morrinsville? I’ve heard it was maybe my Grandads parents, they were Wybournes.

  5. Hi Sam,
    It is hard to know who had the first car in Morrinsville Certainly Sam Parlour who was Mrs Wybourne’s father was a contender. He and Mr Clifford had cars in 1908. The only way to find out who had the first registered car would be to research the Piako County Council archive files held at Matamata Piako District Council in TeAroha and see which one it was.
    The Museum has a photo of both cars and their owner drivers.

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