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P/501 Album of Morrinsville buildings presumably Mr Osborne’s design.
P/697 Parade, Recreation Grounds
P/690 A & P Society members
P/693 Municipal Chambers, Canada Street
P/698 Railway Station
P/687 Plunket Rooms Thomas Park, crn Anderson and Moorhouse Street
P/694 Howie Park gates
P/695 First Morrinsville Borough Council
P/689 Howie Park showing pools
P/253 Photograph book given to Mr & Mrs F Marshall in 1937.
P/368 Album – Family photos of the Mc Donald’s.
P/001/95 Osborne collection – various photos within collection.
P/537 Postcard Album of early New Zealand.
P/493 Collection of postcards.
P/684 View of saleyards sheep section
P/685 View of saleyards, looking towards Thames Street. Cattle section
P/686 View of saleyards. Cattle section
P/233 Photo Album presented to Mr A. J Sheat of the Morrinsville Star
P/381 Album in colour showing South Island scenes.
P/688 Thames Street from Studholme Street
P/691 Sheep on Thames Street
P/696 Thames Street, West
P/692 Swimming Pool, Park street
P/355 Large Album of the Middle East.
P/287 Album containing 33 photo, Morrinsville rail bridge, etc.
P/353 Small Album 1914 -1918 War.
P/394 Book of photos showing Family life and Farming scenes.
P/419 Photo Album.
P/420 Photo Album.
P/581 Album bound with metal clasp.
P/629 Kuru Dog
P/335 Foal
P/515 “Kiwi” Morrinsville Historical Society Soc. Raffled pony (Mrs Coulter)
P/516 Same as P/515. with Mr Coulter.
P/554 Racehorse name unknown held by trainer outside stables.
P/555 Horse held by a man.
P/556 Horse held by a man
P/560 Clipped Horse outside stables.
P/451a A pony (Timore) brought by Mr F. Coulter to be raffled.
P/451b Same as P/451a
P/491 Horse, cob in front of a veranda.
P/047 Ducks in flood water on road
P/418 Saddled horse
P/488 “Bedford” and his owner/breeder Mr F.J. Marshall 1935
P/557 Horse in front of stables with door open.
P/558 Horse by stables on stony ground.
P/559 Horse by stables with jockey in colours Mr Shirleys jockey.
P/710 Opening of new Butter factory M’ville Dairy Co 15 June 1966
P/ 699 Jenkins house Motumaoho. After his ownership
P/389 Mannion House from the Mannion collection
P/018/94 Railway bridge – Studholme street F.G.R. 4349
P/391 Rail Station coloured post card. ( Duplicate of P/026 )
P/036/98 Bannin Cooper & Partners, Accountants Moorhouse Street
P/001/99 Zebra tethered next to Watts & Brayshaw shop Thames
P/600a ANZ Bank taken from Thames Street
P/600 A.N.Z. Bank taken from Canada Street – rear of building
P/148 Billy Hogg’s Blacksmith shop Studholme Street.
P/042/98 Denby and Wilkins Building Thames Street
P/044 Bank of New Zealand Thames Street Morrinsville WN
P/113 Extensions to the Bank of New Zealand Building.
P/223 Bank of New Zealand, Studholme and Thames Street Corner 1968
P/373 National Bank vaults Thames Street
P/585 National Bank, Studholme Street Morrinsville 1919 – 1925.
P/588 National Bank cnr, Moorhouse Street Thames Street 1926 – 1988
P/589 National Bank cnr, Moorhouse Street Thames Street 1926 – 1988
P/595 National Bank Side entrance in Moorhouse Street September 1988.
P/586 National Bank, Studholme Street Morrinsville 1919 – 1925
P/587 National Bank Cnr. Moorhouse Street Thames Street 1926 – 1988
P/594 National Bank September 1988 cnr Thames and Moorhouse Street.
P/369 College baths under construction
P/027 Blacksmith and Wheelright shop Studholme Street
P/054/98 Bank of New Zealand cnr Thames & Studholme Street
P/292 Oates (Mrs Dawson) boarding house Moorhouse Street 1914.
P/500 Oates Boarding House Moorhouse Street with 9 men.
P/228 Studholme & Allen Street Cnr, premises of Mc Pherson Brake
P/680 Edwards Motors Bus Depot corner Canada and Thames Street
P/221 Edwards Motors Depot in Thames Street 1968
P/018 Original builders shed of J.C.R Watts
P/126 Garage in Canada Street with a Plume petrol pump.
P/005 Church Morrinsville Methodist & Anglican Duplicate P/033
P/033 Thames Street c1900 Methodist & Anglican Churches
P/043 Catholic Church Morrinsville, original site. FGR 4346 ATL
P/053 Anglican Church Radcliffe Coll No. FGR 4345 ATL
P/062b Anglican Church 1898
P/065 Presbyterian Church No. 627H ATL
P/102a Postcard of Methodist Church (2 postcards Dup. P/002
P/151 Roman Catholic Church original site Thames Street.
P/302 Catholic church on new site Thames Street. NZ Tourist Series 2305
P/374 Ashworth & Ass. and Baptist Church Moorhouse Street
P/407e 5 Two Churches on Thames Street from Canada St.
P/548 Anglican church laying of the foundation stone Feb. 1895.
P/624 St. Marks Church Remuera Auckland Samuel Morrin’s burial place.
P/742 Postcard of Anglican Church (east side ) ( Tibbutt series )
P/743 Postcard of Anglican Church ( west side )
P/744 Postcard of Baptist Church (Cartwright Hamilton photo )
P/745 Postcard of Wesleyan Church ( Tibbutt series )
P/015/94 #1 Methodist Church
P/018/96 Laying of foundation stone Methodist Church in Thames St
P/036/96 Methodist Church Thames Street FGR Radcliffe Photo No4344
P/140 Thames Street with Anglican and Methodist Churches.
P/025 Opening of the Municipal Chambers Morrinsville 1934.
P/121 Morrinsville Municipal Chambers during construction
P/191 Municipal Chambers Opening Ceremony, October 1934.
P/528 Neg. (3) Opening of the Council Chambers. October 1934.
P/459 Paine United Autos ( One photo only 4 parts) Thames Street
P/507 Postcard of Frank Dunnen? & Co. Thames Street. Tourist series 10
P/015/94 #5 Borough Council building – construction
P/015/94 #6 Borough Council building construction
P/015/94 #7 Borough Council building construction.
P/037/98 Court House and Police House Moorhouse Street
P/361 Creamery at Gordon – groups of men and drays.
P/119b Building additions to the Morrinsville Dairy Company 1932
P/490 N.Z. Coop Dairy Co. Cheese factory at Kereone Mr K.S. Pearson
P/004/96 Dendy & Wilkins Thames Street. 7 people outside named
P/654 DuPont Hydrogen Peroxide Lab. with Brian (Snow) Davis
P/655 DuPont Hydrogen Peroxide Control room with Terry Brown
P/659 DuPont plant aerial view May 1991
P/660 Construction of DuPont plant Kiwitahi Road 28 Aug.1990
P/661 DuPont plant aerial view November 1991
P/664 DuPont Hydrogen Peroxide plant at night
P/665 DuPont Hydrogen Peroxide Plant
P/662 DuPont plant taken at night
P/633 Demolition of Echlins building April 1972 (2 photos)
P/634 Construction of new building for Echlins Ltd.
P/635 Echlins taken from Studholme Street side.
P/637 Echlins window display at night pre 1972
P/638 Echlins shop pre 1960
P/640 Echlins building cnr Thames & Studholme Street, Built 1914.
P/639 Echlins shop pre 1960
P/007 Morrinsville Sash & Door Factory Saw, Planing & Moulding Mill.
P/625 Morrinsville Sash and Door factory with employees Dup.P/007
P/775 Advance Cordial factory Lorne Street
P/013/94 Opening of the New Zealand Dairy Co. factory
P/024/95 House and farm building Finns property Scott Road
P/084 G & G Burmester Ltd premises destroyed by fire 25 Nov.1974
P/350 Chimneys Nottingham Castle after the fire. P.C.
P/266 Employees of a Flax mill.
P/062a Mills Falls, Sam Parlours’ flaxmill 1898
P/371 S.S. Allen Motor Garage
P/001/97 Piako Motor Garage Studholme Street
P/003/99 Globe Auction Mart Moorhouse Street
P/038/95 Glencoe Boarding house Moorhouse St- owner – Grigsby
P/147 Thames St. premises Chas M. Gummer 1910
P/035/98 Gummer’s Building Thames Street
P/279 Entrance to War Memorial Hall in Canada Street.
P/280 War Memorial Hall showing Library wing.
P/529 Neg. The old Phoenix Hall (Dignan) Thames Street Morrinsville
P/047/98 War Memorial Hall corner Thames and Canada Streets
P/002/97 Copy of Blacksmiths shop Studholme Street
P/251 Glass plate William. Hoggs smithy.
P/262 Mr Wn. Hogg’s Smithy showing Mr Alf Mc Corkey and Wn Hogg. 1907
P/210a Gummer’s residence in Studholme Street
P/210b Gummer residence in Studholme Street
P/701 Homeleigh The home of Mr & Mrs William Northcote
P/406 First Morrinsville Hospital, situated in Thames Street.
P/496 Hospital ward showing nurses and patients & Mr Donald Dalgety
P/004 Canada St. with Royal & Le Prou Private Hotel and Picketts.
P/039 Nottingham Castle Hotel cnr Studholme & Thames Street No 621H ATL
P/074 Royal private hotel Canada Street Rad. Coll. ATL
P/096 Winter of 1914, construction of Nottingham Castle.
P/154 View of Nottingham Castle Hotel c 1911
P/220 Nottingham Castle
P/227a Nottingham Castle corner 1968
P/231 Hot Springs Hotel Te Aroha
P/362 Nottingham Castle Hotel. The first Hotel original photograph 1877
P/403 Thames Street from Nottingham Castle – Vacant corner section opposite
P/521 Neg. Nottingham Castle Hotel about 1908
P/774 Osborne Collection of the Nottingham Castle Hotel
P/592 Neg. of the Aug. 1877 Nottingham Castle Hotel the original? photo
P/034/98 Nottingham Castle Hotel
P/075 Charles Manuel’s house being built Motumaoho
P/167 The oldest house in Morrinsville on the cr Studholme & Allen St.
P/512 “Jolly Cripple ” during William Pickett’s residence
P/598 Geo Hutchinson’s van outside his house in Thames Street.
P/716 Pulling down No 42 Studholme Street ( see P/626 )
P/027/98 Moving house from corner Lorne and Anderson Streets
P/028/98 Moving house from corner Lorne and Anderson Streets
P/046/98 House on the corner Anderson and Lorne Streets
P/048/98 W.J. Goodare house, formally a shop in Canada Street
P/056/98 House corner Anderson and Lorne Street
P/043/98 Hutchinson Building studholme Street No. 60 (L) 50 (R)
P/281 Interior of the Public Library.
P/015/94 #9 Library in Canada Street nr corner Thames & Canada Street
P/613 Men and horses of the Lockerbie Estate.
P/497 Masonic Lodge Hall 1908.
P/045/98 Working on the new Warehouse back view from Lorne Street
P/007/96 “Laurels” House cnr Allen & Studholme St being demolished
P/741 Postcard of the Masonic Hall
P/160 Home and surgery of Dr G.E. Seville.
P/641 Model of new Echlins Building c 1972
P/183 McDonald Cottage Removal August 1972
P/009/94 Negative of Museum and cottage
P/144 Photos cut from Weekly News of M’ville
P/033/96 Nottingham Castle Hotel ( Wilson Photo No 5069)
P/401 Morrinsville Post Office 1912.
P/473 Morrinsville Post Office D. A. Donald, Mt Maunganui ( Dup P/385)
P/591 Morrinsville Post Office in the course of erection in Thames Street
P/002/94 Morrinsville Post Office during the war 1939 – 1945
P/229 Pensioner flats Moorhouse Street looking south 1968.
P/143 Mannion’s Neg. lady and house
P/041/98 Rossers Pharmacy before closing 29 Aug 1998
P/612 Howe & Conner Plumbers shop in Morrinsville.
P/003/98 Police Station and House Moorhouse Street
P/347 Post Office Morrinsville Dup.P/385 P/473 P.C.
P/349 Post Office Morrinsville P.C.
P/385 Post Office Morrrinsville
P/026 Railway Station Morrinsville. ( poor copy ) Duplicate of P/391
P/060 Morrinsville Railway Station Radcliffe Coll. ATL
P/071 Railway Station Morrinsville
P/142 Morrinsville Railway Station.
P/321 Tatuanui rail station
P/508 Postcard of Morrinsville Railway Station.
P/021/94 Railway Station with steam trains Wilson photo #5070
P/014/99 Morrinsville Railway Station with staff on platform (mostly named)
P/768 Railway Station (Weekly News Photo)
P/001/98 Motumaoho Rail Station before Piako Road was formed
P/062c Railway Station 1898
P/137 Morrinsville Railway Station
P/407a 1 Railway Station c1911 D
P/019/94 Railway station
P/020/94 Railway Station
P/013/95 Royal Hotel Canada Street
P/005/96 Royal Hotel Canada Street
P/021/97 Sanatorium building, Stage 1 viewed from Studholme Street (A)
P/022/97 Sanatorium Building stage 1 taken from garden of Dr’s house (C)
P/023/97 Sanatorium building stage 3 (D)
P/149 Taupiri Sawmill Co.
P/003/97 Schofield Motors with staff, Studholme Street
P/062f Old school house 1898
P/063 Original block Morrinsville College Alexandra Ave.
P/116 State School Morrinsville. – May 1907
P/384 State School Morrinsville
P/562 Morrinsville Public School 1916, Group taken outside the building.
P/604 Walton School pupils and school building .1905
P/700 Tatuanui School and pupils in the grounds.
P/016/95 Geo.Reynold’s house in Scott Road
P/017/95 Bruce & Ellen Reynolds’ house Scott Road
P/234 Official opening of Scout Hall Moorhouse Street Mr Osborne mayor
P/021/95 Cow shed on Finns farm Scott Road.
P/003 Postcard with wording W.C. Pickett Limd? Morrinsville N.Z.
P/194a Gummer’s store Thames Street August 1908 Duplicate P/194 abc
P/194b Gummer’s store Thames Street 1908 Duplicate P/194 abc
P/194c Gummer’s store Thames Street 1908 Duplicate P/194 abc
P/194d Gummer’s store Thames Street 1908
P/195b C & A Gummer’s (Clifford) store
P/195c C & A Gummer Store Thames Street Morrinsville
P/196a Gummer store 1918
P/196b Gummer store 1923
P/196c Gummer store 1920
P/197 Gummer’s Building 1920 Chemist,Dalgety,Scott,Thynne.
P/198 Jubilee of Gummer’s 1933 Founded in 1883
P/199a Gummer’s store interior men’s department 1912
P/200a Interior of Gummer’s showroom 1912
P/200b Interior of Gummer’s, ladies, shoes, & manchester 1912
P/200c Interior of Gummer’s furniture Department 1912
P/201a Interior of Gummer’s furniture & manchester 1920
P/201b Interior of Gummer’s millinery & dress Dept.. 1920
P/201c Interior of Gummer’s, men’s department 1920
P/202a Exterior of Gummer’s 1928
P/202b Exterior of Gummer’s 1937
P/204a Gummer’s haberdashery department – April 1941
P/204b Gummer’s dress department April 1941
P/204c Gummer’s ladies showroom
P/206a Gummer’s travel window display
P/206c Gummer’s fabric window display
P/208 Exterior of Gummer’s shop in 1961
P/209a Exterior of C & A Gummer with horse drawn vehicles
P/209b Exterior of Gummer’s
P/706 Mr H.W. Hopkins Butcher’s Shop Street c1920-22
P/012/97 Bedrock Stores across Thames Street with boy on bicycle
P/013/97 Bedrock Store exterior photo
P/014/97 Bedrock Store with 4 staff members outside door
P/015/97 Bedrock store interior Cycil Valler, Cyril Mallet, George Tapper
P/049/98 Parsons Pharmacy before closing.
P/236 Watts, McLeod stores and Post Office.
P/038/98 Gifford’s Building Thames Street
P/039/98 Gifford’s Building Thames Street
P/051/98 Thames Street Studholme/ Lorne Street block northern side
P/052/98 Studholme Street taken from Thames Street corner
P/053/98 Clive Parsons Pharmacy Thames Street
P/055/98 Gummer’s Building and central Thames Street
P/628 Pencil plan of the site of the Sanatorium Studholme St.
P/034/95 Woolshed and Implement shed on Smalls property Scott Road.
P/035/95 House built for A.R.M. and A.(Mary) Small on Scott Road
P/536 Village Smithy Studholme Street 1900.
P/027/97 Morrinsville Factory of New Zealand Coop Dairy Co and Staff outside
P/459e Paine United Autos
P/002/95 Amplifier unit in Strand Theatre
P/003/95 Projector and shutter in Strand Theatre
P/004/95 Exterior of the Strand Theatre Studholme Street
P/005/95 Interior of the Strand Theatre Studholme Street
P/006/95 Strand Theatre advertising the film “The Swordsman c 1949
P/007/95 Exterior Strand Theatre
P/145 View of Echlins & Nottingham Castle Hotel
P/146 Harcourts, Elite Florist, Christian Bookshop.
P/755 Centreway Tea-rooms Thames Street.
P/139 Nottingham Castle Hotel, Post Office and Watts Hardware Shop.
P/034/96 Thames Street ( Wilson Photo No 5065)
P/035/96 Bowden & Armstrong building ( Wilson Photo No 5069
P/033/98 Studholme Street, Lorne Street block of northern Thames Street
P/076 Transit Housing Camp off Allen Street 1946
P/078 Transit Housing Camp during construction 1946
P/085 Transit Camp Morrinsville 1946
P/599 Geo Hutchinson’s drilling rig outside his workshop Thames Street.
P/173 View of house. see P/184
P/184 Front view of a house, also see P/173, P/176, and P/179
P/413 Homestead.
P/415 School.
P/032/98 United Video in New Shop Studholme Street
P/050/98 The Warehouse form Anderson and Lorne Street
P/029 First building of Watts & Brayshaw.
P/153 J.C.R. Watts building 1907
P/016/96 JCR Watts store with the new building in background
P/028 Remodelling of Watts & Brayshaw.
P/597 Geo Hutchinson’s van outside his workshop Thames Street
P/354 Waitoa Dairy factory N.Z. Dairy Company
P/017 First shop of Watts and Brayshaw cnr. Thames St. & Studholme St.
P/290 Patetonga – Cream Depot T Towler, Bill Arms, Bert Ballwin.
P/119a Building additions to the Morrinsville Dairy Company 1931
P/118 Morrinsville Dairy Company factory fire 1974
P/112 Morrinsville Dairy Company Factory fire
P/032/95 House built for Mr J. Palmer on Scott Road
P/028/96 Roman Catholic Church ( old site ) Wilson Photo No. 4600
P/459b Pain United Autos
P/459c Pain United Autos
P/459d Pain United Autos
P/020/97 Sanatorium Studholme Street Nurse’s home (B)
P/011/97 Bedrock Stores cnr. Moorhouse Street and Thames Street
P/772 Waitoa Dairy factory collection ( 17 laser prints No 9
P/772 Waitoa Dairy factory collection ( 17 laser prints No 2
P/772 Waitoa Dairy factory collection ( 17 laser prints No 3
P/772 Waitoa Dairy factory collection ( 17 laser prints No 4
P/772 Waitoa Dairy factory collection ( 17 laser prints No 5
P/772 Waitoa Dairy factory collection ( 17 laser prints No 7
P/772 Waitoa Dairy factory collection ( 17 laser prints No 8
P/772 Waitoa Dairy factory collection ( 17 laser prints No 10
P/772 Waitoa Dairy factory collection ( 17 laser prints No 11
P/772 Waitoa Dairy factory collection ( 17 laser prints No 14
P/772 Waitoa Dairy factory collection (17 laser prints No 15
P/772 Waitoa Dairy factory collection ( 17 laser prints No 16
P/772 Waitoa Dairy factory collection ( 17 laser prints No 17
P/773 Osborne collection, Nottingham Castle – Corridor
P/772 Waitoa Dairy factory collection ( 17 laser prints No 1
P/772 Waitoa Dairy factory collection ( 17 laser prints No 13
P/772 Waitoa Dairy factory collection ( 17 laser prints No 6
P/772 Waitoa Dairy factory collection ( 17 laser prints No 12
P/366 Early car owned by Mr S.L.Hirst.
P/367 Early car
P/023/98 Jim Bates speaking at a Civic Reception
P/127e View of Library & Memorial Hall
P/127g Main entrance of the War Memorial Hall
P/127c Archdeacon F.O.Dawson at War Memorial Hall opening.
P/043/99 Mrs Luxton, Wiseley, O’Sullivan, R Read,U/k Dr AW Hogg O’Connor
P/044/99 Renaming of hospital – Mrs Pat O’Connor Mrs R Read
P/045/99 Renaming of hospital – Mrs R Read & Mrs V O’Sullivan
P/046/99 Renaming of hospital – Mrs O’Sullivan, Mrs R Read, Dr AW Hogg
P/047/99 The rear of the Morrinsville Geriatric Hospital
P/048/99 Waikato Hospital Board plaque in foyer of Geriatric Hospital
P/049/99 Mrs CE Tulloch at the opening of the Geriatric Hospital
P/050/99 Mrs CE Tulloch addressing the crowd at Geriatric Hospital opening
P/051/99 Hon DN McKay(L) Mrs CE Tulloch at Geriatric Hospital opening
P/052/99 The crowd at the opening of the Geriatric Hospital
P/053/99 View of the Geriatric Hospital
P/054/99 Rev ?? at the opening of the Geriatric Hospital
P/055/99 Hon DN McKay Minister of Health addressing Geriatric Hospital crowd
P/099 Opening of the Coghill gates 1929 Showing Mr Coghill.
P/100 Official opening Coghill gates Mr McPherson Mayor
P/127a Spectators at opening of War Memorial Hall 20 Nov. 1957
P/127b Spectators at opening of War Memorial hall 20 Nov.1957
P/127d Official party at War Memorial Hall opening.
P/127f Mayor Mr W.D. Rushton at War Memorial Hall opening
P/042 War Memorial in Howie Park
P/756 Unveiling War Memorial in Howie Park 30 April 1922.
P/273 Morrinsville Borough’s Works tunnel
P/274 Morrinsville Borough’s Trucks, Rubbish and works truck.
P/275 Morrinsville Borough’s Rubbish cart.
P/276 Morrinsville Borough’s small truck.
P/478 The opening of Morrinsville Council Chambers Oct.1934
P/480 The opening of Morrinsville Council Chambers. Oct.1934
P/482 The opening of the Morrinsville Council Chambers. Oct.1934
P/433b Bathroom & Kitchen dismantling Mc Donald cottage Mrs H Stretton
P/434 Mr Coulter arranging weather boards. McDonald cottage
P/435 McDonald cottage ready for removal.
P/437 Arrival of Jack’s removal truck for Mc Donald cottage
P/438 Ready for the road, back door showing.
P/439 Trucks arriving, bedroom side of house.
P/431 Mc Donald cottage dismantling the chimney.
P/433a Dismantling McDonald Cottage Mr Reid & Mr Coulter
P/436 Assistants jack up the McDonald cottage.
P/432 Dismantling sun porch room over french windows McDonald cottage.
P/728 Plunket Soc. float in the 1951 Queen Carnival Parade
P/729 Plunket Soc. float in the 1951 Queen Carnival Parade
P/730 Nottingham Castle Hotel float/1951 Queen Carnival Parade
P/731 Nottingham Castle Hotel float/1951 Queen Carnival Parade
P/291 Coulters’ Buggy at the 50th. Centennial Morrinsville Show
P/397 1st. opening of the Morrinsville Bowling Club December 1911.
P/460 Opening of the Municipal Chambers.
P/055 Car on track Speedway Recreation Grounds
P/072 Two racing cars, Speedway Recreation Grounds
P/109 Morrinsville Speedway, Australia/New Zealand held 2 Jan.
P/159 Three cars at Camp Ferguson
P/027/96 Mr T.G. Westlake turning first sod Methodist Church site
P/054 Cycle race at Speedway Recreation Grounds
P/646 Unloading milk at Tatua Dairy Company.
P/647 Unloading and weighing milk at Tatua Dairy Co.
P/240 Wedding of Mr and Mrs Demler.
P/205a Gummer’s store mannequin parade
P/205b Gummer’s store mannequin parade
P/206b Gummer’s mannequin parade
P/091 G & G Burmester Ltd premises destroyed by fire
P/086 Piako River Rail Bridge, river in flood 15 January 1907
P/239 Constable Heeps funeral in Thames Street October 1934
P/441 Going out of the yard.
P/442 Going out the road gate
P/443 Ready to lift to the trailer Mr W. Jack.
P/444 Approaching Morrinsville.
P/445 Cottage in Morrinsville Street
P/446 Arrival at corner of Lorne Street and Anderson Street.
P/447 Arrival at the site next to existing Museum
P/448 Tent covered cottage being fumigated.
P/449 Cottage in position on the site.
P/450 Negatives of P/431 to P/450
P/440 Dismantling back porch, Mr N. Lamb.
P/270 Morrinsville Borough Waterworks at Kiwitahi opening c 1921
P/452 Opening of N.Z.D.C. Butter factory Morrinsville
P/453 Opening of N.Z.D.C. Butter factory Morrinsville
P/454 Opening of NZDC butter factory with Thomas Fitness, S Goosman
P/483 The opening of the Morrinsville Council Chambers. Oct.1934
P/656 DuPont Plant opening Dame Cath. Tizard & Ken Thomas 14 Jun.
P/657 DuPont plant opening, Glyn Nemes, Cath Tizard, Stephen ODonell
P/271 Official Opening c1921 Waterworks. Sir William Herries (bowler hat)
P/012/95 RSA float in parade for War Memorial Hall fund-raising
P/246 Negative – Mr S Parlour outside the Nottingham Castle about 1908/10
P/658 DuPont plant opening, Official opening 14 June 1991
P/328 Three legged race.
P/329 Picnic sack race – Kiwitahi School 1929
P/575 Edward “boys” driving covered wagon.
P/576 Mr Coulter with his dray.
P/577 “Horse train” Morrin Bro. Meat pack.
P/578 “Horse train” showing 7 horses.
P/232 Souvenir of Auckland Mining and Industrial Exhibition 1898.
P/207a Gummer’s float in a street parade
P/207b Gummer’s float in a street parade
P/207c Gummer’s float in a street parade
P/207d Gummer’s float in a street parade
P/207e Gummer’s float in a street parade
P/523 Neg.(2) Swimming Pool opening 23 November 1963.
P/523a Neg. (5) Swimming Pool First concrete pour. 1963.
P/241 Wedding group.
P/242 Wedding group.
P/009 Devonshire home of John Horrell
P/010 Te Mimi homestead of John Horrell
P/235 Mr and Mrs William Howie and house in Moorhouse Street
P/O56 House No 59 Studholme Street cnr Anderson Street.
P/626 Dr Bernstein’s House 42 Studholme Street (front)
P/627 Dr Bernstein’s House 42 Studholme Street (back)
P/375 Builders on Bob Allen’s house Horrell Road
P/606 Bremen Homestead Studholme Street (Lower)
P/607 Back porch of the Bremen home Studholme Street.
P/399 Cottages (4) being built for Mr D.R.F. Campbell 1910
P/522 Neg. H.J. Clifford house.
P/269 Thames Street looking east – shows Mr H.Clothiers house near F.A.C.
P/288 Old Farm Cottage of Mr H. Coop residence in Newstead.
P/648 Ploughman’s cottage built for Allen estate No 8 Road M’ville
P/263 The oldest house Morrinsville Studholme Street. Built about 1880
P/590 Neg. Oldest house in Studholme St. Photo A.J. Sheat Dated 1930
P/002/98 Land around the Jenkins Homestead.
P/643 House 33 North Street built for Mr & Mrs Stan Jeune
P/021/96 The house at 11 Lincoln Street 1994
P/340 Carved Maori house. 6 figures
P/342 Carved Maori house, figures in the porch.
P/316 Shepherds house on Mr T. Mc Donald “Pakerau Farm” Kiwitahi
P/514 Mc Donald cottage taken in 1968
P/513 Mc Donald cottage taken in 1968.
P/603 View of Mr Oates house and Methodist parsonage c 1920
P/583 Home of Mr & Mrs S.C. Parlour in Studholme Street called “Dalton”.
P/498 Mr Frank Pickett’s house Thorpe Street.
P/534 Mr. James Smith’s House Page Street Morrinsville 1922.
P/230 Te Mimi Homestead built 1878/9 now J.J. Barrett residence.
P/615 House at No. 16 Turnbull Cres. Morrinsville.
P/428 House.
P/617 James Walker’s house at Clevedon or Morrinsville (Piako)
P/015 House opposite M’ville Hotel owned by C Watts 1913
P/062e Studholme Street house occupied by Jack Watt 1898
P/019/96 Building of house “Grenofen” 11 Lincoln Street (Mr TG Westlake)
P/020/96 The house “Grenofen” 11 Lincoln Street (Mr TG Westlake)
P/020/98 House at Tahuna. Ron White collection
P/018/98 House at Tahuna. Ron White collection
P/733 Kereone Cheese factory on fire 9th October 1937
P/736 Parata Falls duplicate photo
P/732 Railway Station yards looking north.
P/653 Aerial photo of Morrinsville looking west.
P/393 The dam Morrinsville
P/746 Postcard of Topehihei falls
P/747 Postcard of Te Au – o – Waikato falls
P/392 Harvesting, Morrinsville district
P/510 Two railway houses and in the background Mt. Misery
P/739 Postcard showing rail bridge Universal Co # 1661
P/740 Postcard showing passenger train at Morrinsville Station
P/152 Trains leaving Morrinsville Station
P/738 Postcard showing rear of Royal Hotel Canada Street Rad 1785
P/531 Road making at Tahuna. Summer of 1905-6
P/009/95 Movie advertising cnr Moorhouse Street “Wallace Supplies”
P/010/95 Movie advertising Burmester’s building Thames Street
P/081 Aerial photo of Thames Street area ( K Amy photo)
P/082 Aerial photo of Morrinsville College (K Amy photo)
P/083 Aerial photo of Moorhouse/Canada Street area (Amy photo)
P/719 Aerial photo of Morrinsville looking west.
P/718 Aerial photo showing central town area and Post Office
P/011/94 Aerial view of Morrinsville
P/044/98 Lorne Street Anderson Street Corner
P/077 Under Rail Bridge Studholme Street M’ville Beautifying Soc.
P/105 Studholme Street Bridge (two coloured photos)
P/045 Morrinsville Railway yards ATL
P/030/98 Anderson Street
P/015/94 #3 Shop Canada street and Thames street cnr.
P/455 Maungatoroto canoe in Canada Street.
P/277 Morrinsville Cemetery Seales Road, showing R.S.A. section.
P/015/94 #4 Coghill gates – Cureton Street
P/286 Drain cleaning and a pile of earth.
P/667 Construction site of DuPont Hydrogen Peroxide plant
P/668 DuPont site preparation before building started
P/669 DuPont site preparation before building started
P/757 Cattle saleyards( FAC ) Thames Street
P/022 Topehahae Falls G Bowden Series 2 Wilson Photos
P/024 Topehahae Falls Universal 1665
P/062h Parata falls 1898
P/088 Waterfall
P/092 Waterfall possibly Topehahae falls
P/093 Waterfalls
P/137a Parata Falls Kiwitahi ( 2 photos- one coloured)
P/407b 2 Parata Falls D
P/021/98 Ron White working up ground for orchard. First house in the rear
P/334 Feeding out
P/165 The Flood at Piako road bridge in January 1907
P/312 Grave of Mr J. Mc Donald in Europe
P/417 Grave of John Mc Donald.
P/023/96 Harvesting hay No 7 Road Waitoa
P/024/96 Harvesting hay No 7 Road Waitoa
P/324 Hay making scene – seven figures.
P/010/98 House at Tahuna. Ron White collection
P/714 Aerial view of Kiwi Fertilizer Works
P/317 “Pakerau Farm” Kiwitahi
P/330 Landscape.
P/025/98 Empty section corner Lorne And Anderson Streets
P/026/98 Empty section corner Lorne and Anderson Streets
P/029/98 Corner Anderson and Lorne Street
P/282 Mt. Misery. showing harvester of Mr W. R. Lowry.
P/628 Chaff cutting machinery Scott’s farm ( Mr Eyon )
P/008/98 Hand milking a cow. Ron White collection
P/122 Panoramic view of Morrinsville looking towards Mt. Misery
P/131 White’s Aerial Photo of Morrinsville April 1951
P/132 White’s Aerial Photo of Morrinsville April 1951
P/133 White’s Aerial Photo of Morrinsville April 1951
P/134 White’s Aerial Photo of Morrinsville April 1951
P/135 White’s Aerial Photo of Morrinsville April 1951
P/283 Morrinsville Borough taken from Mt. Misery.
P/284 Morrinsville Borough taken from Mt. Misery.
P/285 Morrinsville Borough taken from Mt. Misery.
P/029/97 Aerial View of Morrinsville showing mainly Morrinsville College
P/136 White’s Aerial Photo of Morrinsville April 1951
P/717 Aerial photo of Campbell Park and Oldham Estate
P/106 Pools (3) and fountain in Howie park (coloured)
P/107 Pools and Cenotaph in Howie park (coloured)
P/157 Howie Park towards the Cenotaph.
P/289 Patetonga District 1928 Cnr Store.
P/011/98 Loading cream to take across swollen Piako River
P/326 Ancient car – Picnic in Washbourne’s paddock
P/683 Publicity Post Cards Aerial view Morrinsville Thames Street
P/682 Publicity Post Cards , Dairy Co, Olympic pool,
P/016/97 Publicity Post Cards , Dairy Co, Olympic pool,
P/017/97 Publicity PostCards , Golf Club rooms
P/018/97 Publicity PostCards , Sale yards
P/019/97 Publicity PostCards , The Scott Reserve
P/125 Gates at Morrinsville Rail Station end of Canada Street.
P/068 Rail Bridge Morrinsville Universal series No 182416
P/024/98 Garden under Rail Bridge MB Soc.
P/268 Railway tunnel portal on the Rotorua line east of Morrinsville
P/062g Curved bridge 1898
P/102 Postcard of Studholme Street bridge (2 postcards)
P/748 Postcard Studholme Street Rail Bridge( Chas Gummer card )
P/541 “Mimosa Downs” Walton and the Rotorua express train.
P/015/94 #2 Entrance to Railway Station – Canada Street
P/046 Aerial view of speedway Recreation Grounds MBC
P/238 Recreation Grounds Morrinsville
P/462 Morrinsville Recreation Ground Thames Street 1916 Wilson photo
P/050 Construction of the water reservoir on Mt. Misery
P/073 Horse drawn grader working on a road ( Two copies )
P/757 Cattle saleyards ( FAC ) Thames Street
P/048 Morrinsville Saleyards
P/757 Cattle saleyards (FAC) Thames Street
P/040/98 Parking area Warehouse from Anderson Street
P/049 Morrinsville Swimming Pool
P/750 Tennis Courts Waverley Avenue house building in background.
P/663 DuPont plant with truck on the site grounds.
P/150 Small settlement, Church, Bridge.
P/156 Bush homes.
P/015/94 #8 Land unknown
P/036 Morrinsville from Mt. Misery
P/023 Morrinsville from Mt. Misery
P/463 View of Morrinsville 1916
P/338 Hay making in Washbourne’s Paddock
P/715 Wisely Place. Street formed but no houses
P/712 The development of the Young Street area 1977
P/124 Corner of Canada Street.
P/713 An aerial view of the recreation grounds
P/064 Geo. Hutchinson’s patent held in Museum
P/352 Sketches P.C.
P/479 Geo. Howie and friends
P/426 Senior Citizens of the Every Woman’s Club c 1940 Dup. P/484
P/427 Morrinsville Manchester Unity Odd fellows Lodge. (named.)
P/388 Miss Mannion from the Mannion collection
P/481 Six Mayors of Morrinsville Duplicate , Oct. 1934
P/511 Post card of William Charles Pickett.
P/414 Duplicate of P/306 – Special Constables
P/024/97 Sanatorium patients creating a dam, Budle, Piggott, Nicholson (E)
P/530 Tahuna School picnic c1905
P/542 Two women dressed in authentic period costume
P/549 Soldier named Andrew World War II .
P/365 Hessie Day, Bessie Colson, Isobel Shirley of Tatuanui
P/058 Mr Alexander Orr owner of Te Mimi
P/378 Sir Stephen Allen during the First World War
P/001/96 Stephen S. Allen inspecting guard Samoa.
P/111 Interior of Isaac T. Amy shop 1940.
P/673 Edward Motors Basketball team Betty Tilsley 4th in line
P/007/97 Katherine Emma Bernstein wife of Alfred Bernstein
P/010/97 N.Z. Medical Corp. Dr Alfred Bernstein seated front 3rd on left
P/006/97 Dr Alfred Bernstein ( Burnford)
P/219 Morrinsville Municipal Band 1937.
P/005/98 Morrinsville College Brass Band c 1958
P/010/99 Morrinsville Citizens Brass Band 1913 (no names)
P/020/99 Municipal Brass Band in Street march outside Strand Theatre
P/007/94 Sue Brodie foreground Mary Reed
P/379 Group ( named ) of Builders.
P/678 Edward Motors bus drivers Bill Shears ( L) and Laurie Lopes
P/737 Gordon Neels Family Butcher 284 Thames Street (Group)
P/014 Men in fatigue including C Watts 3 R.
P/308 Cadet Corp. Morrinsville
P/098 Morrinsville’s first Motorcar John Clifford driver/owner
P/332 Lady and car.
P/117 Mr Chepmell Chairman Piako County Council, first in 1887
P/707 Mr C. Chester man Director Morrinsville Dairy Co. 1942-6
P/310 Large group of children.
P/008 Presentation of bouquet to Lady Newell c1940s
P/030 Mr Strachan (town clerk ) Mr W. T. Osborne Mayor of Morrinsville
P/192 First Five Mayors
P/001/94 Joseph Ward and William F. Massey in car outside Hotel
P/767 Clark family, Don,Doug,Ian,Ann,Graham,Alex,Brian
P/564 Mrs Ann Clarke and Don Clarke with pony. 1968
P/080 Mr Henry J Clifford. Weekly News
P/097 1st.Bowling Club December 1911 (Dup. P/189 & P/397)
P/162 Morrinsville Senior Football Team Boyce Cup first won 1923
P/164 First? Morrinsville Football team in Finlay Cup 1926
P/189 First opening of the Morrinsville Bowling Club 1911. Dup.P/097,P/397
P/155 Morrinsville Hockey Club. Twelve men & two women about 1911.
P/032/97 Charles J.L.. Cobham and Elizabeth Governor General 1957 – 1962
P/573 Mr F Coulter of Patetonga.
P/574 Mr Frank Coulter with “Penny” in block dray.
P/425 Morrinsville Railway cricket team 1954
P/666 Morrinsville College Cultural Group at DuPont opening. 14 Jun.
P/651 Miss Cureton later Mrs Thorpe, mother of Mrs Thomas Morrin.
P/720 Staff outside Morrinsville Dairy Company Factory (named)
P/708 Mr D.T. Davis Chairman Morrinsville Dairy Co.
P/028/97 Mr & Mrs Dendy at Green Lake. Mr Dendy was a Morrinsville Butcher
P/101 Mr Bertrand Robert Donaldson Chemist Morrinsville
P/475 Morrinsville Druids picnic 1912
P/674 Edward Motors bus drivers F Cluitt, R Richards, N McAnnely
P/566 Warwick Edward and Kerry Fraser in Mrs G. Hamilton’s gig. 1968
P/569 Mr & Mrs A Edward driving Phantom & Snowwhite. 1968
P/570 Mr H. Edward driving a gig 1968
P/568 Mr and Mrs Alec Edward driving wagonette 1968
P/205d Audience at Gummer’s mannequin parade
P/709 Mr J.L.. Faulkner Sec. Gen Man. M’ville Dairy Co.
P/033/97 Bernard and Laura Fergusson Governor General 1962 – 1967
P/020/95 Mark Finn & horse “Prince”
P/022/95 Frank Finn jnr. on a Farmall cub tractor on farm Scott Road
P/025/95 Frank and Lylia Finn – 30 August 1963
P/004/94 The first Morrinsville fire brigade – named
P/032/96 Morrinsville Volunteer Fire Brigade members 1966 photo (named)
P/670 Morrinsville Football team 1930 named players.
P/030/97 Bernard and Barbara Freyberg Governor General 1946-1952
P/020 People in Thames Street c1905 Hickey, Seville, Frost, Marshall
P/734 Mr J.H.. Gaddes with stallion
P/168 Mr & Mrs R Garroway Parents of R. Garroway.
P/466 October 1916 George Howie fishing.
P/002/99 Staff of Globe Auction Mart (named)
P/034 Mr Wn. Grigsby driving a horse team outside the Nottingham Castle.
P/037/95 Mick,Mona,George,William,Rosa Grigsby Moorhouse Street.
P/039/95 Grigsby family – Rosa, William, Mike, Winifred
P/009/96 Guards in Samoa see P/001/96
P/465 Morrinsville Girl Guide Committee c 1929-30. Mrs Marjory Hardie.
P/726 Mrs C.M.. Gummer (left) and Mrs J.T.. Seales taken in New Plymouth
P/424 Gummer’s Staff outside building. Outsize photo
P/019/95 Francis ( Frank ) Hawkins
P/363 Gordon Hirst taken First World War
P/005/99 Women’s Hockey team at a hockey day
P/038/99 Governor General Sir Keith Holyoake (L) Mrs Rhoda Read (R) QSM
P/036/99 Grant Hooker (L) Mrs Rhoda Read at Centenary Waikato Hospital Bd
P/019 John and Elizabeth Horrell.
P/702 Nurse Jean Lilian Mercer & Nurse N. Toohey?
P/041/99 Mrs Rhoda Read unveiling portrait ,P O’Connor, Dr Hogg V O’Sullivan
P/593 Members of the hunt at the “Laurels” (F.G.. Marshall’s home) Dup
P/087 Waikato Hounds Studholme St. showing burnt Nottingham Castle
P/013 Men of the Hunt Club No 591H ATL
P/114 Waikato Hunt outside the Nottingham Castle c1910
P/193 First Hunt in Morrinsville
P/293 Morrinsville Hunt Club outside Nottingham Castle Hotel c1914?
P/294 Morrinsville Hunt Club outside M F Marshall’s residence. in 1913
P/535 Hunt at Morrinsville 1913. Sheats Neg.
P/565 Mrs J.A.. Hutcheon driving a gig. 1968
P/571 Mrs Hutcheon and twins in Mr F. Coulter’s gig. 1968
P/572 Mrs Hutcheon in Mr F Coulter’s gig. 1968
P/704 Nurse Jean L Mercer with local population
P/036/95 Jackson and Hall premises Studholme Street
P/021 J C R Watts and group of men.
P/066 Herb Jeason? in W.W. 1 uniform
P/254 Mr John Allen 1st. World War 1914-1918
P/032 Mr & Mrs John Smith 2nd Licensee Phoenix Hotel
P/753 Miss Johnstone
P/754 Miss Johnstone
P/019/99 Jowsey Mrs Helen nee Kiely musician
P/004/98 Police Constable Campenola at door of Police Station
P/006/99 Keogh family- Edward and Margaret and nine children
P/104 Kereone school children with Mr Des Bain Stationmaster
P/357 Framed Portrait of N.A.. Larney
P/759 Leeson family.
P/769 Mr John Edward Leeson
P/003/94 George Seales Leeson in Home Guard uniform
P/005/94 Men and horse team, workers on the Lockerbie Estate
P/059 Mannion wedding & Mrs Mannion 2 photos
P/070 Mannion photo – Farm yard.
P/492 Collection of photos mainly of the Mannion family. (a)(b)(c)
P/539 Miss Nora Mannion.
P/540 Miss Nora Mannion.
P/543 Mannion son First World War.
P/544 Mannion son World War II
P/545 Mannion son World War II
P/546 Post Card photo of Mary Mannion
P/547 Mannion son.
P/006/94 Photo from B Mannion – Tory Street Wellington
P/215a Gummer’s marching team
P/215b Gummer’s marching team
P/216b Gummer’s marching team
P/010/94 Gummer’s Marching team 7 girls
P/216a Gummer’s marching team
P/218 1st Mayor mounted F.J.. Marshall c1909 Cnr Thames and Studholme St.
P/421 Mr R.J. Mc Causland
P/318 Bullock prize. Fred Mc Donald fifth on the left.
P/319 Bullock prize presentation Fred Mc Donald 4th. from the left.
P/320 Bullock prize presentation Fred Mc Donald 4th. from the left.
P/337 Portrait of Thomas Mc Donald.
P/416 Wedding group ( Dup. of P/411)
P/331 Mr Thomas Mc Donald and camera.
P/502a Mr John Mc Donald, Last owner of the Mc Donald cottage Kiwitahi.
P/502b Mrs Ann Caroline Mc Donald.
P/026/95 Cow shed with Royden McLachlan on the right
P/029/95 Robb McLachlan on sledge on farm Scott Road
P/110 Dr & Mrs Seville,Walls,Freyberg,Firth at Loloma Hospital
P/705 Nurse Jean L Mercer in Italy
P/016/94 Methodist Church Morrinsville members on “Annandale”
P/017/94 Methodist Church members on church steps
P/333 Ladies’ race Mrs Mikkelson
P/057 16th.Composite Co November 1942 marching in Thames St.
P/094 16 Composite Company Nov.1942 marching in Thames St.
P/115 Piako Squadron of the Mounted Rifles c1900
P/309 Mounted rifles 1914 – 1918. War. see 299
P/650 Mrs Sarah Morrin wife of Thomas Morrin in Vancouver Canada
P/019/98 Mr Frederick Hodgetts White. Ron White collection
P/039/99 Mrs Rhoda Read 6 October 1983
P/040/99 Mrs Rhoda Read outside the Rhoda Read Hospital
P/042/99 Mrs Rhoda Read cutting ribbon at new Maternity ward
P/008/95 Jack Munro (R) with the Great Benyon & family
P/016/99 Munro Mr Harry
P/004/99 The Orphans Three – G Nowland, C Allison, T Lynch
P/489 Mr Marshall, C Runciman? Mr Gaddes with horse.
P/567 Rick Jackson in back seat Mr E. Upritchard driving buggy. 1968
P/596 Inside the National Bank Morrinsville 21 October 1988.
P/031/97 Willoughby and Patricia Norrie Governor General 1952 – 1957
P/703 Nurse Jean L Mercer with u/n soldier
P/009/99 Staff? at New Zealand Dairy Company factory inc. Mr Geo. Reynolds
P/553 J O’Shea, Jockey to Mr Gaddes.
P/013/96 Nurse Odgers in car back of Grigsby Boarding house
P/014/96 Nurse Odgers
P/015/96 Nurse Odgers
P025/97 Nurse Odgers in uniform
P/423 Orphans Club 50th reunion – Club presidents
P/022/99 Morrinsville Orphans Club raid on New Plymouth( 7 proof sheets
P/023/99 Morrinsville Orphans Club raid on New Plymouth Brewer & Hitchins
P/024/99 Morrinsville Orphans Club bus stop home from New Plymouth
P/025/99 Morrinsville Orphans Club raid arriving in New Plymouth
P/026/99 Morrinsville Orphans Club prior to leaving New Plymouth
P/027/99 Len Wattam Sec. Morrinsville Orphans receiving presentation
P/028/99 Morrinsville Orphans Club raid. Band preparing for parade
P/029/99 Morrinsville Orphans Club raid, Street Parade
P/030/99 Orphans Club Chairman B Brewer at Reception (Taranaki Daily New)
P/550 Jockey J. O’shea on horse El Gallo in 1912.
P/035 Children playing at Thomas Park.
P/008/94 Dennis Parker at Transit camp Allen street
P/582 Parlour family and car, 1907
P/584 The Parlour family. c1908.
P/017/96 Andy ( Andrew) Petersen & family
P/008/96 The Petersen Family c1936
P/456 Mr William Pickett.
P/504 Camp stove in the western desert Reg Pickett
P/505 Frank Pickett, Reg Pickett, and Stan Maxwell. September 1960
P/752à Mrs William Pickett with child on knee
P/495 Men attending Pig Marketing Association Conference Auckland.
P/631 M’ville & District Pipe Band (all named)
P/004/97 Morrinsville Caledonian Pipe Band Harry Munro Drum Major
P/005/97 Morrinsville Caledonian Pipe Band Roy Bree Drum Major
P/015/99 Morrinsville Caledonian Pipe Band (3 named)
P/017/99 Morrinsville Caledonian Pipe Band member
P/018/99 Caledonian pipe Band in a Street march
P/306 Five men Special Constables Auckland Domain (Duplicate 414)
P/681 Joseph Pretty father of Esau Pretty Soldier Crimean & Indian Mutiny
P/003/96 Joe Pretty (R) and Esau Pretty at Trentham camp.
P/002/96 Jack Price and Rosa Price
P/011/96 Jack and Rosa Price (set of 5 photos taken in Fiji)
P/022/96 Mr John Reeve No. 7 Road Waitoa, Horse Bess
P/011/95 Mrs Gwen Munro selling tickets at Regent Theatre
P/012/94 Allen Reynolds and his truck outside NZ Dairy Co butter factory
P/018/95 Louisa and George Reynolds
P/033/99 Mrs Rhoda Read
P/035/99 Mrs Rhoda Read
P/037/99 Mrs Rhoda Read after the investiture at Government House
P/031/95 Norman Richards and sons Kevin, Graham
P/012/98 Ron White having a hair cut . Ron White collection
P/016/98 Boy cranking car. Ron White collection
P/711 Morrinsville Rugby Representative team 1932.
P/031/99 Senior representative Rugby team 1920 Mr Chapman standing right
P/032/99 1920 Morrinsville Rugby team & Maniapoto team at TeKuiti
P/278 His Worship The Mayor Mr W.A. Rushton.
P/644 Wilf Rushton Mayor of Morrinsville & Reg. Jeune.
P/632 Mr T.J. Ryan Auditor Morrinsville Dairy Co. 1922 – 1959
P/304 State School Morrinsville 1907
P/382 Morrinsville State School 1907
P/383 School and pupils, could be Hamilton High School.
P/398 School Children / presumed to be Morrinsville.
P/412 Group of school children with teachers. Mr D.R.F. Campbell
P/524 Neg. Morrinsville School (1884 – 1887) when half-time with Waihou
P/525 Neg. School class
P/532 Pupils Tahuna School c1905
P/533 Pupils Tahuna School c 1910
P/580 Morrinsville School, Standards I & II in 1913.
P/010/96 Mona Grigsby and the Morrinsville School class c 1921
P/006/98 Standard 3 Mangateparu School
P/002 Cadet Corp Morrinsville also Duplicate No. P/308
P/001 Morrinsville School 1884-1887 1/2 time with Waihou
P/026/97 Ex pupils attending School reunion Secondary Department
P/014/95 Louisa Reynolds, J Adams M Fitness A Stembridge L Pellow
P/015/95 Con and Bedelia Saxon
P/652 Mr Jess Seales Stock agent for F.A.C. in Morrinsville
P/721 Agnes Ness Seales nee Mathie
P/724 Jesse John Seales (left) with unknown man.
P/405 Morrinsville residents when the Lockerbie Estate changed 1891
P/526 Neg., Settlers at the laying of the foundation stone St Matthew’s Church
P/163 Mr A.J. Sheat Morrinsville Star c 1929
P/549a Mr R. Shirley part owner of El,Gallo in c1912
P/551 Mr Shirley with trainers at the Stables in Studholme St.
P/758 Tauhei Residents
P/203 Four female staff of Gummer’s store.
P/470 Silcock family John, Eva, J,M.Silcock Tauranga.
P/485 Silcock family and W.H. Quine c 1920/1
P/486 Silcock family, Harold, Eva, John, Dott, and parents c1906.
P/033/95 Mr Alexander Robert Small and Mrs Elizabeth Mary Small
P/120 Mr & Mrs John Smith, 2nd. licensee of the Phoenix Hotel
P/061 Australian bike riders in Morrinsville
P/006 J.C.R. Watts Builder, men outside his shop.
P/095 Mr JCR Watts with his Staff (named)
P/211 C & A Gummer staff photograph 1912
P/212 Gummer’s staff photo 1937 Extreme right Mr C Gummer
P/213 Gummer’s staff photo 1964 Mrs Gummer Snr, Mr Gummer
P/327 Staff Morrinsville College
P/636 Interior rear of Echlins shop with named staff.
P/642 J.C.R. Watts and part of his staff May 1912.
P/014/94 Morrinsville Dairy Co office staff – Named
P/725 Jock Seales (left) with two others. Note vacant section behind
P/360 Men on the banks of the Waihou river, Centre Wiremu Tamihana 1865
P/671 Bill Winchester and Jack Hewlett, taxi drivers
P/009/98 Playing tennis at Tahuna Ron White collection
P/749 Jock Seales working in projection room Regent Theatre
P/672 Miss Betty Tilsley outside Edward Motors Depot/Office
P/770 Children of the transit camp c 1951
P/376 Miss Mary Turnbull
P/494 Miss Mary Turnbull in Morrinsville collecting Charity Nov.1940
P/649 Turnbull sisters, Bessie (Butler), Mary, Jennie (Marshall)
P/129 Mr John Turnbull an early settler of Morrinsville
P/128 Mrs Jane Turnbull wife of John Turnbull
P/377 Group showing Peter, Mary, and Bessie Turnbull.
P/722 Sarah Jane Turner and Ann Turner
P/723 Sarah Jane Turner
P/724 Seales family on Mt. TeAroha Jesse Seales 3rd from left.
P/339 Twins Mrs Mc Lean and Fred Mc Donald.
P/170 Woman sitting with boy standing (Wrigglesworth & Binns )
P/171 Wedding Group Crown StudiosTeAroha.
P/172 Women sitting outdoors and young men standing.
P/174 Two young girls
P/175 Family group on verandah ? Same house as P/184
P/176 Young girl seated (Gaze Hamilton N.Z.)
P/179 Women seated around a table “Hansen”
P/180 Group standing around cars and two women in the car
P/181 Horses, cab and people being ferried across river.
P/182 Mannion family ?
P/185 Elderly women seated with a book. Wilkinson & Co.
P/186 Wedding Group Add on reverse: Mrs A A Cook New Plymouth.
P/187 Group Portrait Photo “Denton” Wanganui
P/188 Family on Veranda Photo: J.R. Brencowe Rotorua Add. Mrs Chapman
P/323 Band rotunda and two people.
P/325 Five women.
P/468 Postcards 11th.October 1914. showing two Maori maids
P/538 Family group photographer Gage & Co. Hamilton.
P/552 One of Mr Shirleys jockeys name unknown.
P/178 Four Children January 1917
P/123 A portrait
P/469 At Cambridge Bowling Club H.G. Howie, Bert Yardley, Bob Branch
P/311 Mr and Mrs McLean wedding Photo – see P/411
P/008/97 Dr James Walls
P/009/97 Emma Walls
P/364 Stephen Watts Posted missing in 1940 Second World war.
P/411 Wedding Group of Miss A. Mc Donald.
P/735 E.W.Glogoski / V. Pugh Wedding
P/029/96 Northcott / Crump Wedding, including Olive Westlake
P/025/96 Mr Norman Westlake & Mr John Reeve ( Brother in law)
P/026/96 Mr Norman Westlake, wife and two children ?
P/030/96 Rosina Westlake (nee Warren)
P/031/96 Norman Thomas Westlake son of Thomas G Westlake
P/013/98 Group of people. Ron White collection
P/014/98 Lady in bathing suit. Ron White collection
P/015/98 Two men in front of car one in uniform. Ron White collection
P/017/98 Ron White and two women & Child. Ron White collection
P/484 Women Settlers at Everywomen’s Club c1940 Duplicate P/426
P/027/95 Lylia Finn & Dorothy McLachlan at Motumaoho Women’s Institute
P/298 Military contingent 1914 -1918 War
P/299 Military camp with 8 soldiers 1914 -1918 War. – see 309
P/408 World War I soldiers
P/409 Soldier World War I
P/410 Soldier World War I
P/021/99 Municipal Brass Band ( named)
P/579 “Haipipi” of the Urewera aged 100.
P/011/99 Motumaoho Hall opening day crowd outside the hall
P/336 Man and three draught horses.
P/103 Kereone School children on school trip to Kiwitahi Railway Station
P/090 Morrinsville Primary School 1912 Std.1 & Std.2
P/751 Morrinsville School reunion dinner
P/169 Staff of the building firm of JCR. Watts about 1914.
P/012/96 Alex Thompson (right) Stev Grigsby
P/130 Mary Turnbull daughter of John and Jane Turnbull
P/477 Morrinsville Citizen’s first band.
P/608 Isabel Bremen mother of Cyril & Myrtle Bremen.
P/609 Isobel Bremen with a saloon car
P/610 Alexander and Isabel Bremen with Myrtle Bremen
P/619 Mr Gordon Budd (Deputy Mayor of Morrinsville).
P/614 Employees of Sam Parlour’s flax mill in Morrinsville.
P/616 Members of the Morrinsville Golf Club in 1936.
P/611 Mr & Mrs William Grigsby outside their home Thames Street.
P/622 Wiremu Tamihana Tarapipi Te Waharoa c 1802 – 1866
P/620 Tupu Taingakawa of the Ngati Haua
P/621 Teni Tuwhakaraina (Ngati Haua) Donated Kiwitahi school land.
P/458 Mr W. McPherson Morrinsville solicitor and Mayor of Morrinsville
P/601 Mr (Sir) Stanley Goosman, Minister of Works and M.P. for Piako.
P/602 Mr Thomas Morrin.
P/623 Andy Budd with Norman Johnson at forge in Mr Budd’s Blacksmith
P/395 Family group showing parents and four boys.
P/396 Wedding of Alice Photographer Taken Davis Pahiatua.
P/605 Mr & Mrs Samuel Ticklepenny.
P/645 School class of 194? Lincoln Street Primary
P/012/99 Motumaoho school
P/158 The first Morrinsville Public School opened and taken in 1877
P/161 Morrinsville School 1877 an enlargement of P158 No1851 MNZ1/2 ATL
P/177 Old School & Flag-pole Add. Mrs E Hutchinson 10 Victoria Ave.
P/474 Morrinsville Primary School or Bowling green
P/217 Gummer’s building MacKenzie & Jackson Cab/Undertakers
P/051 Isaac T Amy shop cnr Moorhouse & Thames Street c1940
P/079 Isaac Amy’s First shop in Morrinsville Thames St. east
P/499 I.T. Amy’s shop corner of Moorhouse Street Taken in 1954
P/618 Retail shop of Budd Bro. Ltd. Demolished in February / March 1990
P/771 Morrinsville Butchery, Jack Jellyman Prop. Thames St.
P/563 Gifford’s Building with employees in front. February 1923.
P/487 D Ganley tailor and breech – maker c 1910 Dup. P/
P/225a Hamilton Hardware corner 1968.
P/372 Rangley second hand shop Thames Street ( 4 photos )
P/372b Rangley second hand shop Thames Street
P/372c Rangley second hand shop Thames Street
P/372c Rangley second hand shop Thames Street
P/007/98 Wallace & Co Store Canada Street
P/237 Watts shop Thames Street.
P/300 Moving part of Watts shop down Thames Street
P/301 Watts new shop.
P/400 Corner Shop, presumably Watts and Brayshaw.
P/345 Thames Street shops. Real Photograph W241 P.C.
P/358 Ladies hockey team, 3 rows ( Mc Donald )
P/359 Ladies hockey team, 2 rows ( Mannion? )
P/343 Hunt outside the Nottingham Castle Hotel P.C.
P/356 Morrinsville Ladies Hockey Team 1913
P/089 Morrinsville Rugby team winners Peace Cup 1932
P/766 Morrinsville District High School 1st XV 1930
P/778 Morrinsville Gwyn Shield Rugby team 1933
P/476 Morrinsville Bowling Club.
P/467 Morrinsville Croquet players.
P/517 Neg. Piako Football Reps 1910.
P/520 Neg. Morrinsville Footballers 1898.
P/527 Neg.1926 Football team.
P/518 Neg. Morrinsville Snr. Footballers 1913.
P/295 Morrinsville Hockey Club 1911
P/296 Morrinsville Hockey Club 1913
P/303 Piako Hockey Representatives 1924
P/307 Morrinsville Rovers 1915
P/429 Morrinsville Hockey Team 1911. Winners of Waikato Hockey
P/430 Morrinsville Women’s Hockey Team 1911.
P/297 Kiwi Ladies Hockey Team Tatuanui 1926
P/422 Railway Social Football Club
P/247 Negative – Waikato Rugby team defeated by New South Wales team
P/248 Glass plate ? Waikato Football team
P/249 Glass plate Morrinsville Senior team approx. 1909 or 1911
P/265 Morrinsville Senior Football Team,
P/305 Morrinsville Junior Football team
P/461 Morrinsville School Football team. 1st.XV 1935.
P/252 Glass plate Tennis Players Morrinsville.
P/264 Morrinsville Tennis Team about 1910.
P/244 Glass plate – Horse and cart out side Gummer’s Store.
P/243 Glass plate – Gummer Clifford Store.
P/250 Glass plate Gummer/Clifford Store
P/259 Gummer’s Store showing people outside including horse & dray.1908
P/258 Gummer’s Store Delivery Horse and Cart,two horses & driver 1908
P/457 Store at Tatuanui showing horse and dray and truck with milk cans
P/509 Thames Street Morrinsville showing two churches. Dup. P/404
P/390 Studholme Street from Thames Street cnr.
P/404 Thames Street Morrinsville 1908. F.G.R.1780
P/011 Looking across Thames St. from Lorne St. to Muirs’ Service Station
P/012 Thames St. 1908 showing S. A. Oates Outfitters. FGR 1780 ATL
P/038 Canada Street from Thames Street. F.G.R. 4348 ATL
P/370 Canada Street part of Mannion collection
P/386 Canada Street Morrinsville
P/402 Canada Street 1911. Right – Argyll boarding house & Picketts store
P/007/99 Canada Street from the railway end
P/272 Moorhouse Street cnr. of Anderson Street Thomas Park 1960
P/037 cnr. Studholme and Thames Street Wilson # 4593
P/141 Studholme Street towards the Rail Bridge.
P/227c Nottingham Castle corner looking south along Studholme Street 1968
P/407d 4 Nottingham Castle, Post Office , Watts Shop D
P/561 Studholme Street from Nottingham Castle Hotel Duplicate
P/777 Studholme Street from Nottingham Castle Cnr.
P/407f 6 Studholme Street looking south. D
P/040 Thames Street, Moorhouse St. towards Studholme St. FGR 4342 ATL
P/041 Thames Street from west of Nottingham Castle. FGR 4349 ATL
P/052 Thames Street Morrinsville Price Coll. No 615E ATL
P/062d Thames Street looking east 1898
P/067 Thames St. Woods Hairdresser shop No. FGR4347 ATL
P/069 Thames Street looking from Marshall Street
P/138 Thames Street Morrinsville horse and carts in street.
P/222 Thames Street in a westerly direction 1968.
P/224 Thames street looking east from the Bank of New Zealand 1968.
P/225b Looking west towards Post Office from Hamilton Hardware 1968.
P/226 A.R. Johns Building Thames Street west. 1968.
P/227b Nottingham Castle and Echlins corner 1968
P/245 Glass plate – Thames Street 1908.
P/255 Thames Street from Park Street unmetalled. 1908 MBC.
P/256 Shopping area of Thames street 1908 MBC
P/260 Thames Street – 1910
P/261 Thames Street, St Mathews Church right, Methodist Church,
P/267 Negative of Thames Street 1908.
P/344 Thames Street Morrinsville P.C.
P/346 Thames Street Morrinsville. P.C.
P/348 Thames Street Studholme St. Cnr. Morrinsville P.C.
P/387 Greetings from Morrinsville showing Nottingham Castle Corner.
P/407c 3 Thames Street 1909-13
P/503 Thames Street from Canada Street
P/506 S.& A. Oates outfitters with four children in the street.
P/519 Neg. Thames Street Morrinsville, about 1914.
P/760 Thames Street
P/763 Thames Street
P/008/99 Thames Street from Studholme Street ( duplicate of
P/190 Thames Street Gummer’s & Oates
P/214 Thames Street Morrinsville 1907
P/257 Thames Street taken from Echlins looking east 1934 MBC
P/472 Corner Thames and Canada Street Post card Donor Mrs M. Barnett
P/761 Thames Street
P/762 The building of the canoe house at Museum.
P/764 Thames Street
P/765 Thames Street
P/776 Thames Street from Nottingham Castle Cnr.
P/031/98 Thames Street from Canada Street intersection
P/031 Looking down Studholme Street from just north of Thames St. ATL
P/016 Parade Car owned by Mr C Watts Two copies
P/380 Mr Allen and car.
P/675 Passenger unloading Canada Street opposite Edward Motors Depot
P/676 Bill Winchester standing in front of Edward Motors Picture bus
P/677 John Goonan and Morb Stewart in front of the ‘Commander’
P/679 Edward Motors bus No.28 and No. 9 in bus parking area
P/351 Waitomo District Maori Canoe 1959 P.C.
P/013/99 Car No HN331 stuck in muddy road near Motumaoho
P/034/97 Car set up as sweep on Darrall’s farm. Part of a article by Merv Darrall
P/023/95 Frank Finn’s milk delivery cars
P/464 Rail Car passing through Kiwitahi rail Station
P/471 Rail Car passing through Kiwitahi Railway Station
P/028/95 Track tractor on Scott Road
P/030/95 Leon Gribble’s Farmall B on McLachlans farm Scott Road
P/195a C & A Gummer store with horse drawn delivery cart Aug.1908
P/108 Kiwitahi Rail Station looking south, with Goods shed and Port’s building
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