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Morrinsville Residents from 1852 to 1912


Name Address Occupation Reference Departure
Abbott Fredrick George Morrinsville Farmhand C 1899  
Abercrombie H. G     1911  
Aberhart Edward James Motumaoho Morrinsville Farmer F 1911  
Aberhart Jane Elizabeth Motumaoho Morrinsville Married F 1911  
Absolum William Morrinsville Railways E.R 1893 April 1897
Absolum Mary Morrinsville Domestic Duties E.R.1893 April 1897
Agnew Emma Morrinsville Married F 1911  
Agnew James jun Morrisville Labourer F 1911  
Ahsbolt Thomas Morrinsville Labourer B 1898  
Aitken Arthur Heather * Kereone Morrinsville Farmer E 1908  
Aitken Isabella Elsie Morrinsville Domestic Duties D 1902  
Aitken Isaline * Morrinsville Married E 1908  
Aitken William James * Kereone Estate Morrinsville Farmer E 1908  
Aitkin Alexander Kiwitahi Farmer J PP 97 1890  
Aitkin Emily Margaret Beatrice Kereone Station Morrinsville Married E 1908  
Alkinson William G Morrinsville Labourer E 1893  
Allen Alice Matilda Annandale Domestic Duties D 1902 4 Jan 1934
Allen Charles Ernest Hanson Kiwitahi Morrinsville Farmer E 1908  
Allen Elizabeth Candlish Annandale Piako Spinster E 1908  
Allen Elizabeth Penelop Annandale Domestic Duties D 1902  
Allen Florence Morrinsville Married E 1908  
Allen John Birnie Morrinsville Contractor E 1908  
Allen John Candlish Annandale Piako Farmer D 1902  
Allen Julia Kiwitahi Morrinsville Married E 1908  
Allen Mary Esther Piako Spinster E 1908  
Allen Robert Candlish * Annandale Piako Farmer E 1908  
Allen Stephen Shepherd Piako Solicitor E 1908  
Allen Thomas Shepherd Annandale Farmer D 1902  
Allen William Shepherd* Annandale Farmer 1890  
Allpress Philp Francis Harry Morrinsville Flaxmill hand G 15 Feb. 1909  
Anderson James William Morrinsville Shepherd E 1893  
Anderson Margaret Viate Studholme St. Morrinsville Married F 1911  
Anderson Miss A Walton Postmistress K 1886 pp303  
Anderson Richard Alfred Victor Studholme St. Morrinsville Builder F 1911  
Alkinson Willaim G Morrinsville Labourer E.R 1893  
Arnold Harry Morrinsville Station master F 1911  
Arnold Louisa Morrinsville Married F 1911  
Aroa Robert Morrinsville Labourer D 1902  
Ashwood Morrinsville Bricklayer S – 1912  
Asmuss Mathias Morrinsville Baker B 1898  
Aspin James Morrinsville   O 1911  
Atkinson Henry Morrinsville Ironmonger E.R. 1911  
Attwood Frank Morrinsville Farmer/Dairyman ER 1911  
Attwood Phil Morrinsville Counter Hand S – 1912  

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20 Comments to “Morrinsville Residents from 1852 to 1912”

  1. I have previously given you the names of some of the Norman family who arrived in Morrinsville prior to the war.

    My aunt,Muriel Norman,still alive in Marton at 96(married name McKinstry) was born in the Morrinsville District around 1913/1914.

    She just misses out by a year or two.

    Roland Norman

  2. Hi Roland,

    I meet with the Manager of the museum and a couple of our volunteers tomorrow (Saturday) and I will pass these details on to them. They will also help you with your enquiry about your grandfather James Francis Norman.

    Many thanks for using our new website, we are all very excited to be able to help with enquires such as yours through the internet.

    Pablo (webmaster)

  3. Hello I am trying to vtrace my Grandfather Sydneyu Strange who wecthink was born in Morrinsville 1906 many thanks Shaton Strange

  4. Hi Sharon,

    The Strange family are from TeAroha, but I will look out in Morrinsville for a Sydney Strange being born in Morrinsville and get back to you.

    Mike Gribble
    Acting manager
    Morrin Museum

  5. My grandfather was John Crickett, of Lincoln Street, Morrinsville. He had two sons who went to fight in the 1914-18 war, so they all would have been living in Morrinsville at the time. They are Guy Crickett, Ivan Crickett, and Harold Crickett. My father, Jack Crickett wasn’t born until 1918. John Crickett’s father or grandfather laid out the plumbing for Auckland, having arrived on the second boat to NZ in the 1800’s, so they may have been in Auckland prior to moving to Morrinsville. But Jack was born in Morrinsville.

  6. Hello,

    George William & Annie Rogers are my GG Grandparents, I’d be interested to see any further information you have on them. Do you have any photographs of the Rogers family?


  7. Hello Thomas were you able to find out anything RE Sydney Francis Strange I believe he had a sister Everline thanks Sharon

  8. Looking for any information/photos you may have on Samuel and Julia Ann Newman.
    Their Great Great granddaughter

  9. Looking for some imformation on John Higgins martin buried
    in Morrinsville my mother was his adopted daughter,
    Her birthmother was Hazel Brennan.
    Thank you
    His granddaugter,

  10. I’m looking for any information you might have on William Alfred Stack or Alfred William Stack. In particular I’d appreciate a photo of his grave site if there is one. Also Lilian Matilda Wilkins, daughter of the above and any of her children, Michael, Edward, Allan.
    Many thanks,
    Stella James

  11. Hi Chris, I have photos of Samuel and Julia if you still need them.

  12. I am trying to find out more about my paternal grandmother, whom I believe lived in Morrinsville as my father was born in Morrinsville. My father was called Allan Edward Barnett.
    My paternal grandmother was Mabel Clarice Barnett (nee Whineray). Sadly she passed away in 1917 when she was just 32 years old. My father was 3 years old. I know little of this grandmother and would love to find out more.

  13. I am looking for any information about Nicol A and Margaret Larney who owned the Lauriston farm. He is my GG grandfather. Can any one please help me with this. I know he died on the 11/06/1915 and his head stone is in the Te Aorha cemetary with his wife

  14. Hakon Bonnevie is listed in ‘Early settlers’ with an asterisk beside his name, indicating you have further information or photos. Hakon is my great grandmother Lena Petersen’s second husband. She lived in Morrinsville with him along with children from her first marriage. Am very interested to know what further information you have?

  15. Hi Sharyn
    We have a newspaper article from the local Morrinsville Star about Hakon reaching his 100 birthday.

  16. Barbara Dobson

    Can you tell me what the reference “ER 13 Oct 1908″means?
    I am trying to trace the places my grandfather Frederick Irwin Hunt lived, and what he did before farming at Te Kawana Rd, Te Aroha.


  17. Hi
    I am researching 10 men who went to WW1 after all working on the same farm in the South Island.

    I note one (or at least his namesake) was resident in your area before the Great War :

    Alexander Beith GEORGE

    Have you any other information on him please which you can share? I would much appreciate this.

    Sarah Flint

  18. Hello
    I am researching Alexander Beith GEORGE, who is on your listing as being a Cook at Annandale Piako.

    Have you anything else on this person please?
    What was ‘Annandale Piako’ – a farm?

  19. Hi Sarah,
    Unfortunately we have no further information on Alexander GEORGE. The information we have listed is taken from the Electrol rolls

  20. Hi Sarah,
    Annandale was and still a farm (Estate) to the east of Morrinsville It is still owned by the descendants of the Allen family who purchased
    it in the mid 1890’s from W.A. Murray who named it Annandale

    Mike Gribble
    Photographic Curator
    Morrinsville Museum

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