WWII Memorial

These are the names of serviceman who lost their lives in World War Two. They are listed on two plaques in the Foyer of the War Memorial Library on the corner of
Thames and Canada Street Morrinsville.

Allatt W.J. Johnstone G.M.
Allen J.M. Kelly F.A.
Allen P.R.H. Lambie F.T.
Anderson A.C. Martin R.H.T.
Ayrey E.S. Mickell D. M.
Bailey G.M. Millar.G.
Barlow N.J. Moxson M.P.L.
Bennett W.F. Munro J.K.
Birnie R. Mackay H.M.
Blue G.M. McCarthy D.M.D.
Boston J. Nola D.L.
Brady M.J. Osborne T.F.
Brough R. Pike D.F.
Brown L.J.D. Price E.M.
Caitcheon G. Raynel R.S.G.
Cates.D.G. Scott B.F.
Collingwood J. Scott L.F.
Collins S.A. ScottR.D.
Cunningham E.W. Seymour A.
Cunningham R.K. Sharp V. J.
Cunningham V Smith J.W.
Donovan D.B. Solley S.W.
Edwards AJ Sommerville A.R.
Ensor W.F Spice G.A.
Firth R Spice R.B.
Francis A.E. Spindley D
Greentree A Spindley L.
Griffith R.W. Stuart J.W.
Hamilton S.W. Swarbrick J.M.
Hampshire A.F. Swarbrick P.
Hardaker C.H. Toner E.T.H.
Harrison C.A. Twidle J.H.
Henwood S.D. Watson B.G.
Herbert H.I. Watts S.D.
Herbert L.C. Whitechurch E.K.
Herbert R.E. Wilkes D.R.
Hornsey W.J. Williams H.K.
Howie G.C. Wilson W.S.
Hyndman J.T.W. Yardley A.E.F.
Jacobs W.S.

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