WWI Memorial

List of servicemen from the Morrinsville District.

Listed on the cenotaph in Howie Park Morrinsville cnr Waverley Ave and Allen Street

Opened Sunday 30 April 1922 by Viscount Jellicoe Governor General of New Zealand.

Title Name Title Name
Rev. C.A. Mallet CM Pte. T.M. Hill
Lieut. J.C. Allen Rflmn. Chas. Howie
Lieut. R. Goodwin Pte. F. Irwin
Lieut. C. Hally MC Pte. John Ireland
Lieut. M. J. Milliken Pte. J. Johnstone
Lieut. B. J. Russell Pte. F.W. Kane
Sergt. H. I. Bailey Pte. W. Lang
Sergt. C. W. Bishop Law
Sergt. H. Bruce Pte. H. Lennox
Sergt. Campbell Gnr. B.G. Lock
Sergt. W. Goodwin Gnr. L.T. Lowry
Sergt. A.J.D. Howie Pte. F.H. Mapp
Sergt. A.E. Taylor Pte. C.W. May
Corpl. F.A. Neels Pte. A.V. Mould
Corpl. J. A. Pirrit Rflmn. T. Moyle
Corp. E.D. Snell Pte. J.A. McDonald
Corpl. R.N. Wild Pte. J. McKinnon
Pte. J.T. Warner Pte. E.T. McLean
Lcorpl. J.L. Waller Pte. J.E. Newman
Lcorpl. C.M. Wyrall Pte. A. Noble
Pte. A.H. Aitken Pte. P.A. Oxley
Pte. E. Barnes Far. J. Parks
Pte. W. Bayne Pte. H. Paul
Cnr Artr. W. Bloomfield Far. J.W. Petersen
Pte. Alln. W. Bloomfield Pte. E. Reay
Pte. Alln. W. Bradley Pte. A.S. Salmon
Pte. Alln. W. Bryden Pte. H. Selwyn
Pte. Alln. C.W. Chadwick Pte. R.A. Simpson
Tpr Ade. S. Coleman Pte. G. Shaw
Pte . G. Cook Rflmn. S.H. Struthers
Pte. E.W. Gambling Pte. W. Walker
Rflmn. R.C. Goodwin Pte. G.M. Wallace
Pte. W. Griffen Pte. J.C.R. Watts
Pte. G.F. Harding Rflmn.W.G. White
Pte. W.L. Harrison Pte. W.F.C. Wrobleski
Pte. J Rankin

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