Morrinsville Residents from 1852 to 1912


Name Address Occupation Reference Departure
Fairley James Morrinsville Groom E.R. Oct.1908
Farrell Robert Henry Walton Farmer E.R. Oct.1908
Ferris Albert A. Linesman O. 1911
Faulkner John Thomas Morrinsville Platelayer E.R. Nov 1902
Faulkner Nancy Morrinsville Domestic Duties E.R. Nov 1902
Fawcitt Thomas Easby Kiwitahi Wagoner E.R. Oct.1908
Fawcitt Thomas Easby Morrinsville Labourer E.R. Nov 1902
Felton James Paiko Morrinsville u/k E.R. Nov 1902
Firth Mrs W. * Morrinsville Nurse
Fisk Hephzibah Kiwitahi Morrinsville Domestic Duties E.R. Oct.1908
Fitzpatrick Henry James Morrinsville Shunter N.Z.R. Sup E.R. 31 Oct.1908
Fitzpatrick Mary Ann Theresa Morrinsville Married Sup E.R. 31 Oct.1908
Fleming James Morrinsville Sheepfarmer E.R. Oct.1908
Fleming Jane Mahler Morrinsville Married E.R. Oct.1908
Floyd George Morrinsville Carpenter E.R. Oct.1908
Floyd Mable Alice Morrinsville Married E.R. Oct.1908
Flower E Morrinsville Hairdresser/Tobacconist Q 5Jan. 1912
Forbes Daniel Lauriston Morrinsville Farmhand E.R. Nov 1902
Fortune M.H. Morrinsville Schoolteacher E.R. May 1890 Oct 1893
Forrest Archibald J. near Morrinsville Farmer E.R. 1893
Forrest Sophia Ann near Morrinsville Domestic Duties E.R. 1893
Foster Jack Morrinsville Stockman E.R. Oct.1908
Fowler John Morrinsville Labourer Sup E.R. 31 Oct.1908
Franklin E. * Morrinsville Carpenter S. 1906
Fry Annie Morrinsville Domestic Duties E.R. Nov 1899
Fry Daniel Morrinsville Flaxmiller R. 1895
Fry John Morrinsville Flaxmiller R. 1895
Fry Thomas Morrinsville Flaxmiller R. 1895
Freyberg Bernard C * Morrinsville Dentist MS 13 June 1913 1 Mar 1912

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  1. Annmaire Barnhill

    hey, im just looking for history on my old morrinsvlle house, if a family of a father and girl maybe mother lived in it and maybe something happened? it would of most likely been early years of morrinsvlle but not sure,
    Can you please help me find out and tell me how i could find out.
    my address is 23 cureton street, morrinsvlle.

    yours sincerly,
    Annmarie Barnhill. thanks

  2. My great grand mother was Elizabeth Hogan,wife of William Hogan i found her grave in the Morrinsville cemetary from Gael Williams nee Harding Do you know if there was a Louisa Harvey Rochfort or Harding living in Morrinsville 1890sThanking you from GAEL.

  3. Microsoft has added a clever new feature to internet explorer and for some reason i can not switch itoff so my messages can not get to you dont know how to push it over.

  4. Is it possible to get the Morrinsville school records around 1876 or 1880.looking for Earnest Charles Harvey all so known as Herbert and brother Ronald Hurbert Harvey. father was a Harding.

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