Morrinsville Residents from 1852 to 1912


Name Address Occupation Reference Departure
Saunders Francis Collingwood Morrinsville Surfaceman SupE.R.Oct.1908
Saunders Winifred Evelyn Morrinsville Married Sup E.ROct.1908
Schofield Laura Morrinsville Domestic Duties E.R. 1893
Schofield Robert James W. Morrinsville Stationmaster E.R. 1893
Schollum Catherine Morrinsville Domestic Duties E.R. Nov. 1899
Schollum Wenzel Morrinsville Hotelkeeper E.R. Nov. 1899
Scott Robert Morrinsville Farmer SupE.R.Oct.1908
Scott Samuel Francis Walton Farmer E.R. 1893
Scoules Joseph Morrinsville Yardman E.R. Nov. 1902
Seales Agnes Ness Morrinsville Married E.R. Nov. 1908
Seales Bertha Emily Morrinsville Spinster E.R. Nov. 1908
Seales Eliza Ness Lockerby Morrinsville Spinster E.R. Nov. 1908
Seales George Mark Morrinsville Retired Farmer E.R. Nov. 1908
Seales George Reuben Morrinsville Farmer E.R. Nov. 1908
Seales James Mark Morrinsville Farmer E.R. Nov. 1908
Seales Mark Morrinsville Retired Farmer E.R. Nov. 1908
Seales Mary Morrinsville Married 1908 E.R. Nov.
Seales Reuben James Morrinsville Farmer E.R. Nov.1908
Secombe J. Morrinsville Landowner T 21 Aug 1875
Selby * Morrinsville Carpenter S. P/642 1912
Semmens Harry Walton Farm Labourer E.R 1893
Seton C. B. W. Morrinsville O. 1911
Seville Caroline Ada * Morrinsville Married E.R. Nov. 1908
Seville George Edward * Morrinsville Physician & Surgeon E.R. Nov. 1908
Shaw Elizabeth Jane c/- Mr Dodd Morrinsville Spinster Sup E.R. Oct. 1908
Shaw Charles Scotchmans Valley Farmer ER 1893
Shaw James Tahuroa Farmer ER 1893
Shaw Mary Genburn Scotsman Valley Tauwhare Married Sup E.R. Oct. 1908
Sheffield Duncan Arthur Morrinsville Farm Labourer E.R. 1893
Sims Walter Piako Cook SupE.R.Oct.1908
Skevington Sarah Annandale Domestic Duties E.R. Nov. 1902
Slade Thomas Morrinsville Platelayer ER 1893
Smeed Edith Morrinsville Spinster SupE.R.Oct.1908
Smith Edward John Morrinsville Farmer E.R. Nov. 1908
Smith Elizabeth Ann Morrinsville Domestic Duties E.R. Nov. 1902
Smith Emily Emerson Kiwitahi Spinster SupE.R.Oct.1908
Smith James Wilkinson c/- Mrs E.Pretty Moorhead St. u/k Sup E.R. Oct. 1908
Smith John Morrinsville Hotelkeeper June 1885
Smith John Morrinsville Farm Overseer E.R. Nov1899
Smith John * Morrinsville Painter S.P/095 1906
Smith Robert Morrinsville Blacksmith ER Nov. 1902
Smyth John J. Morrinsville O. 1911
Smyth Agnes Morrinsville O. 1911
Snell Alice Morrinsville Spinster ER Nov. 1908
Snell Ellen D. Morrinsville Domestic Duties E.R. Nov. 1899
Snell Louisa Morrinsville Married ER Nov.1908
Snell Ruby Elsie Louise Morrinsville Spinster ER Nov 1908
Snell Samuel Morrinsville Railway ganger E.R. Nov. 1899
Speedy Elwin Morrinsville O. 1911
Soper E.W. Morrinsville O.1911
Spargo Jessie Morrinsville Married ER 1908
Spargo John Thomas Morrinsville Clerk &Storeman ER 1908
Sprott William Morrinsville Farmer ER 1908
Stackpole John Morrinsville Hairdresser ER 1908
Stackpool Cecilia Morrinsville Married Sup2 ERFeb 1909
Stanley James Richard Piako V 1880
Stanley Mary Jane Piako V 1880
Strand Edgar R. Morrinsville Carpenter 0. 1911
Stanaway Elizabeth Whitaker Street Te Aroha Married Sup E.R. Oct. 1908
Stanaway James William Morrinsville Grocer SupE.R.Oct.1908
Stanhope W. * Morrinsville Carpenter
Staples Samuel Kiwitahi Shepherd
Stark Annie Mary Kiwitahi Married SupE.R.Oct.1908
Starky John Bayntem Kiwitahi Farmer E.RNov.1908
Starky Walter Bayntum Tahuroa Morrinsville Farm Assistant Sup E.R. Oct. 1908
Stephens Robert Frederick c/- Mr Harbottle Morrinsville Farm Hand Sup E.R. Oct 1908
Stevens Marguerite Given Canada Street Morrinsville Married Sup E.R. Oct. 1908
Stevens Walter John Canada Street Morrinsville Storekeeper/Draper Sup E.R. Oct. 1908
Stewart Samuel Piako Labourer E.R. 1893
Strand Sam. * Morrinsville Carpenter S. P/095 1906
Strang May Mary Jane Mangatiparu Morrinsville Married Sup E.R. Oct. 1908
Swinbourn Harry Morrinsville Farmer
Syme Stanley Vincent Canada Street Morrinsville Carter Sup E.R. Oct. 1908

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  1. Annmaire Barnhill

    hey, im just looking for history on my old morrinsvlle house, if a family of a father and girl maybe mother lived in it and maybe something happened? it would of most likely been early years of morrinsvlle but not sure,
    Can you please help me find out and tell me how i could find out.
    my address is 23 cureton street, morrinsvlle.

    yours sincerly,
    Annmarie Barnhill. thanks

  2. My great grand mother was Elizabeth Hogan,wife of William Hogan i found her grave in the Morrinsville cemetary from Gael Williams nee Harding Do you know if there was a Louisa Harvey Rochfort or Harding living in Morrinsville 1890sThanking you from GAEL.

  3. Microsoft has added a clever new feature to internet explorer and for some reason i can not switch itoff so my messages can not get to you dont know how to push it over.

  4. Is it possible to get the Morrinsville school records around 1876 or 1880.looking for Earnest Charles Harvey all so known as Herbert and brother Ronald Hurbert Harvey. father was a Harding.

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