Morrinsville Timeline

Year Month Event
1873 Land purchase – Mr Thomas Morrin purchased Kuranui No2
1873 Hotel – Opening of the Jolly Cripple Hotel in Studholme Street
1874 March Land – Kuranui No 1 transferred to Mr Thomas Morrin
1876 Apr-01 Post Office – Opened in the Jolly Cripple Hotel
1877 Jan-09 Piako County Council -Holds first meeting in Jolly Cripple Hotel
1877 School – The first school opens in Studholme Street
1878 PO – Name changed from Waitoa to Mville
1881 Presbyterian Church – First church service held in Mville
1881c PO – Mail carried by Carter’s Coaches 3 times per week
1883 October PO -Money order and Savings Bank office opened
1884 October Railway station -The Opening in Canada Street
1890 PO – Morse telegraphist system introduced
1894 PO – Telephone office opened
1895 May-31 Anglican Church – Dedication of the first church and opening.
1895 Feb-14 Anglican Church – Laying the foundation stone for the first church
1897 P.O. Telegram delivery system by messenger established
1903 Methodist Church – Built crn Thames and Canada Street
1908 Jan-08 Town District of Morrinsville was officially gazetted
1908 Court Magistrates – First held in Mville in Phoenix Hall
1909 Methodist Church was enlarged
1909 Post Office – Building and opening of new Post Office
1910 Jan-19 Baptist Church formed after a meeting
1911 May-09 Morrinsville Star first published
1911 Courthouse – Built in Moorhouse Street
1912 Mar-12 Empire Theatre – Opened for silent films
1912 Presbyterian Church – Church built
1912 Feb-09 Anglican Church parish hall – Built and opened.
1913 Catholic Church – Built in Thames Street west
1915 Aug-19 Horticultural Society – Meeting to form was held
1918 Town Board – Purchased 59 acres from Mr Marshall for the “Rec”
1918 Aug-14 A& P Society – Meeting held to form Society
1918 Presbyterian Church – First minister was inducted
1919 Mar-11 National Bank – Opening in Studholme Street
1919 May Rugby Mville sub-union – Founded from Hamilton sub – union
1919 Mar-12 A& P Society – First show held in Mannion’s paddock Thames St
1920 Rugby – Mangateparu club became a Morrinsville affiliate
1921 2-May Special meeting to install the first Mayor and Councillors.
1921 Morrinsville Fire Brigade formed
1922 May-16 Borough water supply – Officially turn on the water supply.
1922 Mar-20 T.V E.P.- First day electric power available in Mville from Board.
1922 Oct-12 Dairy Company Morrinsville first manufactured butter
1922 Dairy Company Morrinsville was incorporated.
1922 Courthouse -new larger one built.
1922 Police Station-Old Courthouse shifted on to site
1923 Orphans Club formed.
1924 June Catholic Church – Moved up to Victoria Ave. & Thames St crn.
1925 September National Bank – Opened 221 Thames Street
1926 Dairy Company New Zealand – Built a factory
1927 Mar-05 Empire Theatre – Changed its name to the Strand Theatre
1927 Catholic Church – Parish established
1928 Catholic Church – Presbytery was built
1928 School – Dental Clinic established
1930 School – St Joseph Convent school opened
1931 RSA meeting held to form the Association.
1934 20-Oct Constable Heeps – Fatally shot.
1934 Oct-25 Council Chambers – Opening of the Council Chambers Canada St
1935 Mr Osborne re-elected as Mayor of Morrinsville.
1937 November Physical Culture Hall – Hall was opened.
1938 Mr W. Hetherington elected as Mayor of Morrinsville
1938 Methodist Church purchased adjoining land
1939 March Veterinary Club was established.
1940 Methodist Church – Moved church to adjoining land
1944 Home Guard – Disbandment of Mville Battalion
1944 Home Serviceman’s Ass. – The formation of this Ass.
1946 RSA leased club rooms in Thames Street
1947 Jun-10 Commercial Bank of Australia – Opened in Studholme St
1948 Dramatic Society was formed.
1949 November Town & Country Club formed
1950 December Commercial Bank of Australia – Opened Thames St
1950 Town & Country Club – Purchased from Howie Est. house and land
1950 School -Mville College was established with Mr Fleet headmaster
1950 School – Mville primary was establishes with Mr Telfer headmaster
1951 RSA – Purchased club rooms in Thames Street
1952 Sep-01 Town & Country Club – Applied for charter and was granted
1954 Oct-01 Hospital Board Waikato – Took possession of Lynton Hospital.
1954 Morrinsville Star – Control passed to East Waikato Publishers
1954 Methodist Church – Opens new church.
1954 School – St Joseph Convent school extension
1954 June Rugby – Opening of new grounds in Campbell Park ,Thames St
1955 Sep-26 Commercial Bank of Australia – temporarily moved
1955 Kindergarten – Tender for the building of a new Kindergarten
1955 November Kindergarten – Building of new kindergarten starts
1955 School – David Street school established and opened
1956 May-21 Commercial Bank of Australia – moved to new building
1956 November New South Wales Bank – Opened in Thames Street
1956 May Kindergarten – Building of new Kindergarten complete
1956 Jul-09 Kindergarten -Open for pupils
1956 Dec-08 Kindergarten -Opened by Dame Hilda Ross
1957 Oct-03 Library – Moved into the War Memorial Complex
1957 Borough Council – Purchased land in Riverview Road for dump
1957 September War Memorial Hall – Building completed
1957 Nov-20 War Memorial Hall – Officially opened by Maj Gen. LM Inglis
1958 Dec-13 Anglican Church – Laying of the foundation Stone
1958 Presbyterian Church – Campbell Hall opened
1958 October Kiwi Fertiliser Works – Officially opened.
1959 Sep-27 Anglican – The first service in new church
1959 Sep-26 Anglican Church – Dedication of the new church
1959 Anglican Church – New church was opened
1959 School – St Joseph Convent school extension
1960 April Waikato Savings Bank opened agency.
1960 September Waikato Savings Bank opened working bank.
1961 January District Nursing Service established
1962 Anglican church – Completion of new vicarage
1962 Oct-12 Post Office – Opening of new Post Office crn Lorne Street
1963 May-16 Senior Citizens Assoc.- Meeting to form was held
1963 November Swimming Pool – Opening of new pool in recreation grounds
1964 Catholic Church – Built a new church
1964 Swimming Pool – Second pool added to the complex.
1965 September New South Wales Bank – Closed its Mville branch
1965 A& P Society – Built new Office building at Recreation Grounds
1965 Oct-27 Arts and Craft Group was formed
1965 May-29 RSA – Opened new Clubrooms in Studholme Street
1966 December Senior Citizens Assoc. – Purchased section in Canada St
1966 Morrinsville Co-op Dairy Co.- First fully –automated butter factory in world opened.
1966 RSA – Purchased land to form bowling greens for the club
1967 July Strand Theatre demolished
1967 May-06 Historical Society – Meeting to form the Society was held
1967 July Strand Theatre was demolished in Studholme Street
1969 Jun-28 Morrin Museum -opened
1969 May Hospitals Geriatric – tenders call for the building.
1969 May Grain drying plant opened by Mr & Mrs Seales
1970 School – Intermediate school established and opened
1971 March Hospitals Geriatric
1971 Swimming Pool – building of club rooms and curators office
1974 November G.G. Burmester Bakery – Destroyed by fire.
1984 March3-4 Railway Station. The demolition of the Canada St station
1995 Nov-20 Countdown Supermarket – Opening for the first day of business.
1997 April New Zealand Post Ltd (formally Post Office) Move to new bulding.
1997 Sep-22 Bannan, Cooper & Ass. First day working in new building
1997 26-Nov Former Globe Auction Mart – Demolition of building
1998 Nov-14 Morrinsville Museum named Morrin Museum.
1999 3-Sep Library – Moved into a remodeled War Memorial Hall.

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  1. searching for Ross Wightman former mayor of Morrinsville old family friends seeking contact

  2. Would like to know more information about the house at 34 David St was built. I believe it was the first mayors house

  3. I was born at Lynton Maternity Hosp Morrinsville 3 Oct 1945, where was this hospital located and any idea how much was the cost for having a birth there?

  4. Hi Flo,
    The hospital was in Park street 2nd house on the right past the entrance to the St Joseph primary school going north. The house is part of the old hospital which has been retained and modified. Other parts have been demolished and new houses have been built on the extensive section. The nurses home has also be retained as a separate unit.
    Unfortunately The museum holds no records relating to Lynton Hospital so can not give you a cost of having a birth. We do have a photo of the hospital taken in the 1960’s.

    Mike Gribble
    Photgraphy curator

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